7 Quick Takes

1. My brother came up for my birthday this weekend. Never mind that my birthday happened the Tuesday prior – in my family, birthdays get celebrated on the most convenient 3-day weekend where we can get all the reasonably local members of the family together.

This is only important because he gave me the best game, Innovation, for my birthday entirely by accident. I played it over our gaming weekend in July, and knew my dad would enjoy it. So I plopped it on my Amazon wish list via the Amazon app, fully intending to move it to my private “Gift Ideas” list when I had computer access… and then promptly forgot all about it. Until I unwrapped the box on Friday.

I was right, my dad did love the game. We spent all weekend playing it. But now he's ordered his own copy, so it's back to square one for his Christmas gift.

I'll have to review the game soon – I resisted the urge to do so in July because Dad occasionally reads me, and I knew he'd buy it the minute he heard about it. But that's moot now, so I'll whip a review out for it.

Preview: it's all the awesome of Civilization wrapped up in a card game.

2. Oh, I'm now an Amazon Affiliate! So if you buy anything via my Amazon links, I earn a small commission. The vagaries of the internet make it impossible to thank anyone that does personally, but believe me, I do. From the heart.

3. Oh, there was more shoe drama! Dad gave me this wonderful pair of mary janes, perhaps in repentence of the “big ugly feet” incident. I had tried these shoes on at the department store in size 9.5, and they didn't fit. So I put a size 10 on my Amazon wish list… and they were too big! Fortunately, Amazon has an excellent shoe return policy. I needed a 9.5 C/D. I swear, I'm going to go to a shoe store with a camera, a diary, and a tape measure. Then I will try on every shoe in the store that I can fit my feet into, and take copious notes, measurements, and photographs on how the shoe fits. So maybe, just maybe, I can figure out what size shoe to order for each style and silhoutte. Since they're all inexplicably different.

I swear, I don't understand how a woman could be a subjectivist.

4. I tried reading lessons again this last week with GeekBaby. He's just not ready to do it yet. He can do it, mind. He just won't. I keep telling myself that he will burst into it in his own time. Just like walking. And talking. And swimming. And using the potty. I keep telling myself that attempts to force the issue do none of us any good.

This doesn't work. It just makes me fret about sending him to school next year.

4b. On the other hand, I impulse-bought up a copy of The BFG to read to GeekBaby. I read him the first five chapters last night and he loved it, and sat entranced on my lap listening and asking questions. I hadn't intended to read quite so much until I got the book started and realized I couldn't stop! It's too scary for littles to stop until the Giant is revealed as the Big Friendly Giant. I couldn't send him to bed with the image of Sophie being plucked out of her bed in the witching hour by a giant that might be taking her home to eat her for breakfast!

5. I'm making this chocolate espresso bean ice cream today. It's too luxurious for a Friday, but it won't be chilled up and ready until at least Saturday. So that's okay.

I'm not normally a chocolate ice cream fan (nor do I like making custard ice creams, they're too fiddly) but Himself requested chocolate next, and so that's what I'm making. The espresso part is my consolation.

6. A home ice cream maker is one of the best things ever, even if you don't use it to make perfect margaritas. For example: 2 cups of whole milk, 2 cups of heavy cream, 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 Tbsp vanilla, vanilla bean paste or half a whole vanilla bean, scraped. Combine all ingredients, and whisk occasionally until the sugar is all dissolved. Churn 25-30 minutes. Put in freezer overnight. You now have about a quart and a half of homemade vanilla (bean) ice cream. For essentially the cost of the pint of heavy cream. And it's easy.

7. If you're margarita inclined, mix together 3 cups water, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup lime juice, 1 cup silver tequila, and 1/2 cup triple sec. Chill this mixture in the fridge overnight (or several hours until it starts to freeze in the freezer, if you're in a hurry). Then churn it in your ice cream maker for 25-30 minutes. Presto, you have about 8 (potent!) restaurant style margaritas. And you can store them in the freezer.

For more, hopefully less frivolous, Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary!


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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes

  1. Melanie B says:

    I’m with you on the shoes thing. I have wider feet and it’s so hard to find shoes made for wides.

    And with the reading. That was my decision last year with Bella: just back off and let her come to it in her own time. Now I am freaking out a bit because She’s in first grade and I feel like I’m negligent if I don’t at least make periodic efforts to try to teach her to read. But I really do think that she is just going to be one of those kids who reads later than her cohorts. She has done so many other things slightly later like using scissors, drawing stick figures, and being able to count to ten.

    I usually read only one chapter at a time but I would definitely make an exception for a book like the BFG. So true that you can’t send them to bed till that conflict has been resolved. However, I won’t be reading any Roald Dahl to my girls for some time. They are much too sensitive to dramatic tension. Bella even had to leave the room during Cars because something in it scared her. (I have no idea what. Maybe just the scenario of Lightening McQueen being lost and separated from his friends?)

    • GeekLady says:

      Well those hush puppies are just wonderful, but they run small When the tens didnt fit, I actually went to a shoe store and made them measure my feet with that metal contraption. I have size 9 feet that just verge on a C width, but I have high arches too, and so with strappy shoes, I need the wider width.

      The not reading stresses me out so much. I was not much older than he is now when I was reading the Oz books. I hate this whole ‘relinquish control’ part of motherhood! He’ll do it on his time and there’s no rushing him. Bella is lucky she’s homeschooled, I’m very nervous about sending my stubborn boy off to school.

  2. Game nights are huge around here, but we’ve never played Innovation. I’ll have to check it out.

    And the one-click order button on amazon.com … makes ordering waaaay too easy!

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, it’s incredible… but highly chaotic and a little vicious. Very fun, but a little aggravating to play with my dad and brother who have the true Fitzsimmons Luck.

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