7 Quick Takes – Blog Maintenance and Other Rubbish

1. I haven't gotten even a tenth of what I wanted to do on my week off done, although I have gotten some much needed extra sleep. But one thing I did do this week was I sat down yesterday and did some much needed blog maintenance. I still need to clean my blogroll and update my goodreads shelves, but I have cleaned my tags and categories and organized the latter, and I now have an email address up for contact information! My lack of contactability came up twice last week, so now, if you really want to talk to me, you can email me on gmail at CareAndFeedingOfGeeks.

2. The entire reason I didn't have a contact email up is because GeekLady on gmail was scooped up in the early era of internet prospecting, and adding numbers to my handle really upset my CDO. And I didn't want to through my personal email out there for all and sundry to see. But now that I have a title I love, that'll do for a blog email. Huzzah! I'm one step further on the road to being a halfway competent blogger!

3. I had a deeply traumatizing experience trying to have the miscarriage panel drawn last week which involved me being shuttled back and forth between two labs and my doctor's office. In the end I was three hours late for work with little to show for it. Of course that was the week I arranged to work full time so that I could be more productive! In the end the only thing that got drawn was the time critical day 24 hormone panel, which they could do at the doctor's office. I'm really ticked off about the whole business, and I don't feel like ranting about it anymore. But crucially the day 24 hormone panel showed exactly what I've been complaining (and being ignored) about since my very first miscarriage: I'm pretty sure my progesterone is low. Well, I did ovulate, and my progesterone is low. And I bet they still won't listen to me worth a damn.

4. I have to have a baseline ultrasound today, and am rather cranky. After all, it is Shark Week. (Link not suitable for the humor impaired!) I probably have “DIFFICULT PATIENT” scrawled across the top of every single one of my OB charts. And underlined. Twice. But maybe I wouldn't be so damned difficult if I thought they listened to a single word that came out of my mouth.

5. That's the most swearing I think I've ever done here. Sorry. I'm even crabbier than I thought this morning.

6. I'm 32 this week. I meant to post something on my birthday, but instead I took a nap. Happy Birthday to me! Also, check out this!

T-Rex trying to catch a butterfly. (I removed the image because I was careless about copyright, but you can see it at the link.)

Instead of a birthday present, I okayed the splurge of a museum membership a few weeks ago. Given that it's $40 just for the three of us to visit, and they have air conditioning, so it's possible to visit year round, we'd have been stupid not to get the membership when we went earlier this month. So we went again last Sunday for my birthday. And I got this shirt. It entirely awesome.

In fact, it feels frighteningly emblematic of my life sometimes.

7. I almost wish I was at the CNMC in Dallas. But then I think of all the people that must be there and I get feeling a little stressed out and am glad to be at home. Dear fellow bloggers at the CNMC, you'll have to settle for an “I wish I could wish I was there.” I know if I was really there, I'd probably long for nothing more than to be back home.

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary, who really is at the CNMC this week and is functional enough to enjoy herself.


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One Response to 7 Quick Takes – Blog Maintenance and Other Rubbish

  1. Barb says:

    I am a veteran of GYNs who don’t listen. Cost me years of suffering, and several doctors, several “procedures” and finally a hysterectomy to discover that I have endometriosis. THAT explains EVERYTHING.
    I credit my NFP knowledge with helping me finally get through to a GYN about what was going on–and issued that I had following the hysterectomy as well. Not that I am recommending that you look into a hysterectomy–I just wanted to say that I understand the frustration!
    You will be in my prayers that your doctor listens and looks into any problems you are having and finds a solution you can live with.

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