7 Quick Takes – Reunion Edition

Last week we were in the middle of a round of family reunions. Here are some highlights.

In Minnesota, visiting my mom's family:

1. We visited the family farm, the land grant for which was signed by President Lincoln. The basil growing there was brought over from Luxemburg in 1860. For the last hundred and fifty one years, someone has collected those basil seeds in fall and planted them in spring. Wow.

2. There was cabbage growing in the garden. GeekBaby begged and pleaded and wheedled a cabbage out of my uncle – all indirectly, by whining at me that he wanted a cabbage. So, of course, he got his cabbage. They were getting ready to split anyway.

Then he fell asleep in the van on the way back, clutching his cabbage.

I grated that cabbage up and we had coleslaw with dinner. GeekBaby ate a good half cup of it. He loves cabbage.

3. GeekBaby also learned to fish for sunnies off the dock. He's not so good at sitting still, so he didn't catch anything. The neighbor's granddaughter was catching sunnies right and left. They were all babies, so we just threw them back. Poor GeekBaby held one to throw it back and got a spine in his finger, and after that, he was done.

In Iowa, at my dad's reunion:

4. I heard the story of my grandmother and her two sisters playing Uno at some family gathering, and they were all playing by their own different (cutthroat) house rules. One sister said to my grandmother “You can't play that!” and my grandmother retorted “Like hell I can't!” and tossed the card down anyway. … And then the game just went on.

5. That side of the family has always been inveterate gamers. My dad learned to count by playing Casino with his grandmother. His grandfather supported the family during the Depression by playing pinochle. (We're all uncertain whether this was a polite way of saying poker or not. It probably was.) And now I've addicted the youngest generation (ages 3, 4, and 5) to Caterpillar Dice.

6. When the babies lost interest in Caterpillar Dice, I acquired the 6-10 crowd and we played Uno. There is nothing quite so hilarious as a darling seven year old girl in curls and sundress slapping herself excitedly down at the picnic table with a very professional “I'm calling in!”

7. That's it for family reunion takes. My son just told me that my legs were prickly like a cactus, so I've got to run and duct tape him to the wall for a little while.

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Reunion Edition

  1. I’m jealous both of your family farm (basil seed collection since the 1800s? Amazing!) AND your family gamer commitment.
    Uno is no joke, man. We play euchre on my side of the family, and people have overturned card tables and thrown drinks on relatives for rule infractions.

    • GeekLady says:

      Euchre was always hard for us because we could never field an even enough number of players. So we gravitated to games without defined player counts, like UNO and FanTan. Oh Hell is a favorite now since we can play with seven and there are seven adults in the immediate family.

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