7 Quick Takes – Baby Edition

1. Baby is still alive in there. We got to see and hear the heartbeat. I’d feel better about this if it weren’t the established pattern of miscarrying post-heartbeat. (Your risk is supposed to drop significantly once you’ve heard the heartbeat.) So please, keep praying.

2. I’ll add an ultrasound picture later, but for now I can say with about 70% certainty, this baby is not twins. I made a flippant remark about having twins right around the time of conception, and I’ve been wondering whether this baby is twins ever since. But since most twins have dual amniotic sacs, and there was only one in the ultrasound, the ground has been narrowed to the slim possibility of identical twins sharing a sac.

I think I would rather like the twins. Make up for lost time, so to speak. mab might remember me blithely opining once in her dorm room “oh, I want four kids, minimum.” I had no experience with small children then, of course.

3. Then again, I’m actually quite good with babies and small children. It would be nice to get to exercise those talents again.

4. I have next to no morning sickness to speak of yet. This is driving me to the brink of madness. I always have morning sickness. Horrible, awful morning sickness that lasts all pregnancy. It only stops when I miscarry or give birth. Not having it is freaking me out.

5. It is amazing how relevant Calvin & Hobbes still is. It’s even more relevant today that it was when it was first published.

6. I made English muffins yesterday. They did not survive to see my 3:30 pm doctor’s appointment. That good, especially toasted and slathered with strawberry freezer jam. And they’re so easy! Unlike bagels, which take too much effort to make myself when I can buy decent ones for about $3 a half dozen, there is no reason to ever buy an English muffin again.

I also made kaiser rolls for dinner, but Joe doesn’t have a recipe up for those. My recipe is pretty good, I should blog it sometime.

7. Superversive is going to put out an ebook of some of his (best, imo) essays on writing fantasy! I am so excited about this that I can hardly sit still. The only thing that would make it better is if I could get a hardback with that nice dragon on the cover to sit on my bookshelf.

His essay on superversion should really be in this book, but it isn’t listed. I’ll just link it again, shall I?

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Baby Edition

  1. melaniebett says:

    Still praying for you and the baby.

    I’m chewing on that essay on superversion. Interesting.

  2. Praying & glad there was a heartbeat! I’m sure in the dorm room that night I said I’d wait about 2 years after marriage to start having kids….. because we are all sooo in control of that. It ended up being 7 years & 2 days after our wedding before we had Bean. I think a great part of growing up is realizing how little we control in life. Hang in there!

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