7 Quick Takes

1.  I hate everything about my job right now.  The stress levels.  My son sobbing when I leave in the morning (even though he gets to stay with Daddy every day).  And especially that my *redacted* genotyping PCR refuses to cooperate.  Someone please explain to me why a PCR protocol that has worked seamlessly for me for years (and still works seamlessly for other people in the lab) can just stop. working.

2.  Everything went pear shaped yesterday around eleven in the morning, and, on top of all the stuff scheduled for Thursday and the stuff I was making up from Wednesday, when I was randomly sick with a GI problem, we decided to do an impromptu 3 mouse adult cardiomyoctye isolation.  So I was stuck there till almost 6.  Then on the way home, my bus got out of downtown and onto the HOV lane, and just stopped – way up ahead another bus had stalled and no one could get around it.  They had to back a wrecker for miles down the HOV lane to get it out.  Thank heaven I used the ladies room before leaving work.

3.  Remember the rotting trim issue?  That it wasn’t the doorframe, just the trim.  When we took the trim off, we found the house frame itself had started rotting.  There wasn’t very much damage at all, thankfully, but you could see it was starting.  Turns out my disgusting experience of jamming my thumb straight through rotted door trim was a luck break, we caught it early enough for Himself to fix it.

I’m incandescently angry at the builder though.  We’ve had no flooding.  The house isn’t even three years old.  There’s NO REASON for this.  Well, there is a reason for this, mostly the builder thought it was a great idea to create an area with a door coming out of a bay window that creates an area where water pools by the house and can’t drain.  We’ve got to fix that next.  Then the next major project, before replacing the downstairs carpet with flooring, adding cabinets to the kitchen, or even putting up my honeysuckle trellises, has got to be putting a properly graded patio and pergola off the back of the house.  To keep the water away from the house.


Is this not the cutest photo ever?  (Yes, we let the not quite four year old hold the baby.  He loves babies.)

In fact, all the discussion of babies, brought to the forefront of his little mind a promise I made months ago to make him a toy pouch sling for his baby doll (which is naked, because I threw out all the pink stuff it came wearing).  So now he’s nagging me.  But he’ll have to wait until I’ve finished the roman shades for the breakfast room.

5.  No, the roman shades aren’t done yet.  I’m having technical difficulties with the batik.  Plus I’ve been busy.  And I’m pregnant.

6.  I also haven’t gotten my chandelier spraypainted yet, although that hold up isn’t my fault.

7.  …I’m cleaning my pantry and I just found a big stash of bakers’s chocolate on the top shelf.  And it expires really soon.  So, in the interests of frugality, I have to go bake brownies now.

…AAH  We don’t have any EGGS.

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary.  Maybe she has eggs.

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One Response to 7 Quick Takes

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    Your stoopy builder should have to help pay for fixing your drainage problem. Perhaps you can feel a little better smearing him on public review sites? And perhaps your PCR needs an exorcism. David can take care of that for you–at least bring you some holy water.

    I’m glad there is at least chocolate… If it can’t be brownies, can it be fudge?

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