The Bratwurst Equation

Cooking bratwurst is not for the algebraically challenged.  First, there’s the fact that bratwurst come 5 to a tray, but buns come 8 to a bag.  But that’s not the only math this meal involves!  One must also consider that you need one bottle of Shiner for every 4 brats you plan on cooking!  Unless you’re planning on cooking 40 bratwurst (an attractive, but expensive proposition) you will have either buns or brats left over.  Plus that’s 10 Shiner’s you’re dedicated to not drinking.

We’ve settled on 15 as the perfect small number. (Well, smaller than 40.  Luckily they’re great leftover.)  Three packs of brats and two packs of buns leaves just one bun left over.  And while this number technically needs four beers to cook, you can get by with three if you are vigilant in rotating brats from top to bottom of the pot of beer for even cooking.

And then we must consider the correct number of mustard varieties to provide with a meal of bratwurst.  This number is equal to n + 1, where n = the number of bratwurst eaters.

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One Response to The Bratwurst Equation

  1. Mad Auntie Mo/Mo-Geek says:

    I’m sure the math is complicated by not having a tupper just the right size for the number of brats left over after meal #1…

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