7 Quick Takes – Road Trip Edition

1. Sorry for the gap in posting, two Fridays ago we were gearing up for our trip to Kentucky to see my sister and her new baby. Then yesterday we were on our way home, and I spent a fair amount of prime mental energy time driving. We’re actually still on the road, and when we reach Nacogdoches, I’ll have to drive, so I’d best bang these out while I can!

2. I have a new nephew, hereafter referred to as Squeaky. Because he squeaks. A lot. It is very, very cute. GeekBaby’s verdict on the new baby was that “he’s cute and squishy and beautiful!” Did I mention my child loves babies? He was over the moon about getting to hold the baby all by himself, and anxious to be as helpful as possible during changing times, and at any other time Squeaky was fussing.

3. On this visit, my brother-in-law took Himself and GeekBaby to see Fort Boonesboro, and I (foolishly) gave permission for him to buy anything my son was particularly taken with in the gift shop as an early birthday present for GeekBaby. They came home with an imitation Kentucky rifle and flintlock pistol, and spent the rest of the evening repelling the British from the garage stairs, baracading themselves with the pack ‘n play, being put in jail, and taking arrows in the knee.

…I have some mixed feelings about this development, but they’ll take a whole post to explore, I think.

4. Tom Simon, who writes brilliantly and sporadically at Superversive and Bondwine, has a new piece up on why stories need both style and plot. He’s consistently a good read, so go read a few of his essays, especially the one on superversion in fantasy, which is maybe my favorite.

5. I’ve really come to hate the first trimester of pregnancy. I get jumpy at every little twinge and ache, even when it’s probably just intestinal discomfort. I get insanely tired first thing, weeks before morning sickness ever rears its ugly head, which deeply impacts my productivity during the only period of a pregnancy where I won’t feel sick. And the deeply ingrained knowledge that any planning I make for the inevitabilities of pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy has extremely high odds of being a useless waste of money leaves me excessively irrtable and emotional. I’m not exactly a joy to be around right now.

6. …this is how my son has been entertaining himself for the last thirty minutes or so:

Yes that’s his Croc.
Yes, those are pretzel sticks stuffed in each hole.
Yes, even I am a little grossed out.

7. Well, we’re almost to Nacogdoches. And I don’t have any more data signal on my iPad, so I can’t post my quick takes! Verizon needs to get their act together. I had more signal availablility out in the wilderness of Colorado and Utah last summer than on this trip to Kentucky. In fact, most of Kentucky seemed to be one big Verizon data HOLE. It freaked me out on the trip up, I thought I’d broken my iPad because the data cut out right at the Tennessee/Kentucky border, and only picked up again on the outskirts of my sister’s new hometown! It’s ridiculous for both the day and age and the geographic location. How is it possible to get better signal at the bottom of Bryce Canyon??

Hmph. Oh hey, data’s back!

Anyway, for more Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary!


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