Coda: Bad Bad Day Edition

1. My reference to morning sickness was unclear. Morning sickness is something one can at least try to rejoice over. Migraines, on the other hand, one cannot.

2. Revenge’s AC is fixed and we could afford the repair. Thanks be to God. Also, my initial instincts on it being an electrical problem were spot on, so I’m very glad I said ‘no’ to the home AC recharge kit.

4. The rotten bit of our door frame, according to Himself, is just trim. We oughta be able to pop it off and replace it, no problem. Here’s hoping the damage doesn’t extend too far, isn’t structural, and isn’t termites.

5. I got one roman shade done, then I ran out of staples. But it looks nice, and ought to block the worst of the glare. I’ll buy more staples and finish the other 1.5 shades on Tuesday. Now our Sunday afternoon D&D games will be more comfortable.

6. Sometimes weird is cute. GeekBaby has started pretend Earthbending. Preschoolers who watch Avatar seem to pick one bending discipline to adopt – Miss Mess picked Firebending, especially when she’s angry. GeekBaby’s, while it remains undeclared, is very clearly Earthbending. I’ll try to get some video, it’s thoroughly adorable.

7. We saw Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists yesterday. “Avast, nerds, prepare to be boarded!” has now entered the general household vocabulary. The humor is a little mildly naughty, and they do use the word ‘ass’ (anatomical reference) but on the whole, I have no qualms about having let GeekBaby see it. The language may be too much for other littles, but since I’ve had no success in restraining my brother-in-law from swearing a blue streak in front of my child, ‘ass’ seems mild in comparison.

The story does move a little slowly, so some littles may have trouble paying attention. Whatever my kid’s troubles with sitting still, he will park it for a story. Especially a story with pirates. For this, I am very grateful.

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5 Responses to Coda: Bad Bad Day Edition

  1. cajuncat says:

    It must have been a bad day. You skipped 3!

  2. Himself says:

    Now now. She’s just getting ready to chuck the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

  3. cajuncat says:

    Nice! Now i get it. Good thing I am far away so she can’t chuck it at me….

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