7 Quick Takes: Organization Edition

1. We’re having a discussion about organization and Meyers-Brigg’s personality types over on Dorian’s blog Scrutinies. Come and join us!

As for me, I’m a deeply ingrained INTJ, a Mastermind, but what interests me right now is my percent Introvert. I’m a heavy introvert, something in the mid 80s. And I’m shy. And socially awkward. It’s the “I’d much rather be a hermit” trifecta. But this explains so much about me that it’s far past amusing and into slightly terrifying.

2. Case in point: Last Wednesday was the day for Confirmations in my parish, so about half my CCE class was at the Confirmation Mass instead of in my classroom. The remaining 7-8 students? All the quiet ones. All the dominant and loud people were gone, and none of the rest would talk to me or answer questions. Trying to carry that class along, even just doing review, was murder. I came home at 8 so exhausted that we sang Compline and then I just went to bed.

3. As far as organizational methods go, I have some rather potent opinions on the available options. I don’t like GTD (my brain really is the safest place to store some things, not file folders). I really don’t like FLYLady (or any of her knockoffs). I positively want to throw things when I encounter recommendations for A Mother’s Rule of Life, and I don’t dare read this book at all, because it might trigger my heat ray vision.

…This does rather leave me up a creek without a paddle or an onboard motor or even a punting pole. There’s got to be something out there I can use. It can’t be too detailed, or following the method just bogs me down. But it can’t be too free form either. It’s got to hold onto the things I honestly can’t remember (and be there when I need it, which rules out a hefty planner) but it can’t demand information that is easier for me to carry around in my head.

4. GeekBaby got up in the wee smas of Thursday morning, used the potty, put his undies and pajamas back on, and went back to bed, all without waking me up at all. I didn’t know he’d used the potty until I was dressing him in the insufficiently later smas of Thursday morning and realized somehow in the night he’d gotten both legs through one leg hole of his underwear and hitched it all the way up around his waist.

It was hysterical (he was so proud of himself!) but sadly, it was inappropriate for snapping a photo. Memory will have to suffice.

5. Even though most of the household was sick for most of Holy Week, Easter went very well. I think I’ve nailed down a traditional holiday menu for posterity now. The recap post is in the works still though, because it’s been a very long week at work.

6. I am so happy that I can have sweets again that I must have gained ten pounds this week. When the octave is over, I’ll return to my usual moderation born of laziness, for now I’m rejoicing in cookies and candy.

7. Our new JoAnn Fabrics opens today. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself, so I’m going to cut this Quick Takes short and head out to the grand opening. I’ve needed ribbon for the past two weeks and haven’t been able to get at any.

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!



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