7 Quick Takes: Crank Edition

1.  I am surrounded by pregnancy, and it is driving me up the wall cranky.  If I’m testier than usual for a while, please forgive me and try to ignore it.  Technical support is ongoing.

2.  It is amazing how my sister, even at 7 and 1/2 months pregnant can make me feel like a lumbering fatass.

3.  The Radian 80, while an amazing car seat in pretty much every aspect, is excruciatingly heavy.

4.  When taking a toddler on an airplane and checking his (Heavy!) car seat, bring the blasted backless booster too so he can see out the plane window during takeoff.

5.  Not that I ever want to fly again.  Houston Intercontinental was actually playing PSA’s telling us that complaining about security was an arrestable offense.  The whole event was very stressful and I’d far rather spend 16 hours in the car before going through it again.  At least they didn’t molest my child.

6.  In fact, I hate traveling altogether.  One trip, car or plane, is enough to discombobulate my house for a week.  Two back to back (and coming home with a cold!) is just intolerable.  Please, someone, come visit us for a change.

7.  I’m behind on my Tiber River Reviews.  They sent me a million gazillion emails.  Fear not, Tiber River, I’m also behind on my laundry, my dishes, cleaning my toilets, my experimental schedule at work, Easter preparations…  Pretty much everything except that on which I’d like to be late.  Rest assured, I am working on it.

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