Spring Garden

In spite of the nasty pollen counts that make my eyes itch and my nose swell, I ventured out into the backyard yesterday to give my badly neglected garden some TLC. Between last summer’s drought and last autumn’s miscarriage, I just didn’t do any of the things I’d planned out. The general apathy has now mostly worn off, and I was able to approach our weird little yard with something like interest. Too late to put in blackberries this year. But I got out there and weeded and clawed up the soil around the surviving plants and generally worked myself till I was a little wobbly in the knees.

My mongrel irises are getting ready to bloom. I don’t think they’ll make it to Easter. Oh well. One year, the irises and Easter will coincide. Then again, my irises bloom purple, so maybe it’s more appropriate for them to bloom during Lent?

My Texas honeysuckle didn’t die during last summer’s drought! It didn’t die when a mound of fire ants moved in over it’s roots! It is, incredibly, blooming.

The other honeysuckle isn’t thriving quite as vigorously, and it hasn’t put out buds yet, but it’s still doing quite well. It was a little smaller, and was hit harder by the drought. We’re going to mount trellises to the fence this spring for them to climb, and maybe next year we’ll be able to rig some sort of arch between the two to make a full arbor.

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3 Responses to Spring Garden

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    Not too late to plant blackberries. Just too late to get fruit from them this year. C’mon up and go blackberrying here.

    • GeekLady says:

      We might just do that. Is there a good place up there? There’s the King’s Orchard here-ish on the Renaissance Festival grounds, but they tend to be pricy.

      After brief negotiation, we’ve decided to put the blackberries in the same spring we swap the gate to the other side of the house and move the fence forward. Whenever that will be.

  2. Christie says:

    This is the first year that I decided to give my garden a genuine treat. I took some careful steps to prepare my garden for spring and now I’m proceeding to my third set of plants already. This week, daffodils and monkshood are waiting to be planted. Good luck with the other honeysuckle (those creatures are tough!) and trellises! Don’t ever lose your gardening spirit, I’m sure your garden will pay you back! đŸ™‚

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