7 Quick Takes – Livestock Show Edition

1. We were in the Valley visiting the in laws this week. It went better than expected. There were almost no fights. And the only fight there was, didn’t involve me. Instead it concerned the loss of the Tahoe keys. It was actually almost relaxing.

2. However the person who decreed that livestock shows ought to take place during Lent has my unending ire. Funnel cakes! (Can’t have them, it’s Lent.) Candied spiced pecans! (Can’t have them, it’s Lent.) Ice cream! (Can’t have it, it’s Lent.) Momil’s butter pecan cookies! (Can’t have them, *sob*, it’s Lent.) I hadn’t considered that we would be going to the livestock show when I gave up sweets for Lent, but I kept up a reasonably cheerful detachment through the whole ordeal when it happened.

Still, guy that decided livestock shows happen during Lent? You’re on my list.

3. We drove onto the fair grounds, and GeekBaby says “Can we go on the Ferris wheel??” I do not know where he learned about Ferris wheels, but he was adamant, go on the Ferris wheel we would.

So we did.

We actually lucked out, it was buy one rides wristband get another free. Since GeekBaby is too short to ride most rides unaccompanied, I had to go with him, and this let us ride as many rides as he wanted and I was willing to tolerate. So we also went on the little roller coaster, the teacup ride (I was not allowed on this one, thanks be to God in Heaven!), and the carousel (for which I was required to stand next to him, curses!).

4. Roller coasters, when accompanied by your precious, precocious toddler, are No Fun At All. It was the baby roller coaster, not ten foot up and down and just a basic oval around, but all I could think about was how this thing felt like it was going to rattle itself apart mid-ride and kill my sweet baby. GeekBaby had the time of his life. I have no pictures of this, I was too busy praying that we wouldn’t have a horrifying mechanical failure. Himself got some pictures, I think.

I used to love roller coasters, but now I understand why Mom always hated them, and hated us riding them.

5. There were also far more sedate pony rides. He enjoyed this (he also rode them last year) and stayed on like a little trooper when the pony in front of his kicked and made his pony jerk to a sudden stop. But his chief reaction was just to try and wheedle a cowboy hat out of his aunt.

6. And then there were the tractors.

GeekBaby was beside himself with happiness and would have stayed forever, except I saved the carousel ride for last and lured him down with the promise of a ride. Clever mommy.

7. The next day we visited the outlet mall. None of the quarter operated rides worked. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Because he didn’t get spoiled enough the day before at the livestock show. My sister in law inexplicably bought him another sippy cup, although he’s been drinking exclusively from real cups (real glasses even) since he turned three. *sigh* But if ridiculous attempts to regress my little boy are the worst I have to deal with on a visit, I’ll happily take it.

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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Livestock Show Edition

  1. melaniebett says:

    I don’t think my willpower would have stood up to that. Or if I hadn’t given in, I’d have been grumbling. Loudly.

    Sophie has become fascinated with Ferris wheels too. I think from the book Madeline and the Gypsies. Yesterday she was pretending a thermos was a Ferris wheel.

    Ben is looking over my shoulder and sees Geek Baby on the tractor. He says, I wish I could go on a tractor like that.

    My big kids all can drink out of regular cups but I give them cups with lids and straws anyway for their milk and sippy cups for their water when we leave the house. Bella is such a dreamer that she just doesn’t pay attention and she spills cups daily. The lids at least minimize the damage. But I understand your frustration with the inlaws wanting to regress your son. I have the same woes. Grrr.

    • GeekLady says:

      Well, he does get a sippy cup at home to have water for bed, if he insists on needing a drink, but he just gets a normal water bottle for out and about trips. And I don’t allow anything but water outside of the kitchen. Although, if I had more than one, I might do things differently. Mine’s pretty boisterous just by himself, multiply that and I can see cups spilt much, much more often.

      Kids are all so different though. The little girl next door doesn’t use the potty half as well as GeekBaby and she’s five. But she can sleep through the night in her own bed, and he routinely doesn’t

  2. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    The fellow who decided that the Livestock Show would take place during Lent is the same sadist who decided that would also be Girl Scout cookie season…

    Temptation is everywhere. Got an e-mail from Zappos about something being back in stock, and among the verbiage urging me to order quickly if I wanted the item was the statement: Maple syrup should be its own food group.


    • GeekLady says:

      You know, this is the first time I gave up sweets for Lent, and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Usually I’ll give up something specific. Not because resisting temptation makes me cranky, but because I have to be constantly paying attention, or I’ll indulge in a sweet by accident of habit.

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