7 Quick Takes – ??? Edition

1. Look at my big boy eating an apple. Isn’t he wonderful?

2. Sadly, I had to take him for a hair cut. We leave on Sunday to visit Himself’s family, and that sweet, long locked, toddler look just doesn’t fly with them. Unless his hair is trimmed to <5mm, it will always be too long. Me, this is as short as I can bear to cut it.

3. I’ve been getting into the Liturgy of the Hours for Lent, and I’ve got a problem. Translations of the Magnificat that don’t begin with “My soul magnifies the Lord” drive me Up The Wall batty. Does this happen to anyone else? I looked at the translation in my NRSV-SCE, and it’s better in some ways, and needlessly complicated in others. Are we going to get a newly translated breviary to go with our fresh missal? I hope so.

4. Translation woes aside, I went ahead and made endpaper decals for my breviary. I’ve got the Benedictus and Magnificat in the front, and my favorite alternative Invitatory psalm (67) and the Te Deum in the back. I got this idea from Daria Sockey at Coffee & Canticles, and it’s so unbelievably helpful. Much better than the little printed helper sheets that came with the book. Typesetting my own decals also meant I could put a cross at the beginning of the Gospel canticles as a reminder to make the sign of the cross during the first strophe.

I highly recommend white internet shipping labels for this purpose. They’re opaque, so the colored endpaper of the breviary doesn’t show through, and they have a limited ability to be peeled off without too much damage to the endpaper, which is useful to get them positioned just right.

5. Today, I’m chaperoning a bunch of my husband’s students at a museum exhibit. Wee. I’ve selected my outfit for maximum confidence whilst going out among strangers, and for asserting social dominance without looking either frumpy, or like a nerd pulled temporarily away from her real world. That last bit might be true, but I don’t want to look it.

I’ve selected a gray, bias cut linen skirt (freshly shortened so that it falls right below my kneecap as opposed to midcalf), my pink Marie Curie shirt, heathered gray tights (darker than the skirt), my new boots, and pearls. Casual and inexpensive, cute and modest, but still gives off a “I’m in charge, don’t mess around” vibe.

Boots not pictured. The vibe is all boots.

6. I fell asleep on the couch after I got home last night, and woke up at 9:30 because I had important work to get done. Like cutting my skirt for tomorrow down to size. And blogging. This is the only reason I’m still awake. Technically, it is now Friday, so I don’t have to feel bad about writing my Quick Takes.

7. …it’s Friday now. So I can’t eat those leftover sloppy joes for dinner. Gah. I’m just going to have some toast and go to bed.

For other, less spastic Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary.

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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – ??? Edition

  1. Great post, very colorful and lively writing. Sorry you have to cut your son’s hair.

    Be blessed,
    Mark L.

  2. Love the outfit! I bet you looked sharp.

  3. Jeanne G. says:

    Cute outfit! I would totally wear that!

  4. melaniebett says:

    The Magnificat used to really bug me at first too. But after almost a decade, I don’t even notice any more. I do hope there is a new translation of the breviary however. iBreviary has the new collects alongside the old ones and oh boy I can so tell the difference. The old ones are just so blah. I now refuse to pray the old ones. Another reason I’m not sure I can go back to praying with the book.

    • GeekLady says:

      🙂 I’ve been transcribing the new collects to make some seasonal booklets I can keep inside the front cover of my breviary. For some reason, I focus better with a physical book than I do using my iPad. I’m not entirely sure what to do with ordinary time though.

      At the rate these new translations go, though, my son will be finishing high school before they get one out.

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