7 Quick Takes: Nerd Edition

1. We had another session of the Star Wars rpg on Sunday. It was a little impromptu, but buckets of fun. Probably the worst part about these games is that for some reason, whatever day they’re on is the only day of the weekend the other toddlers in the cul de sac are outside playing, so GeekBaby always wants to go out and play, but he can’t because we have company. Permissive Netflix privledges compensate somewhate, but not completely.

This latest session involved our attempts to locate one of the players missing employees. They were captured en route to their colony world and sold into slavery on a moon controlled by Hutts. This is bad. Much silly roleplaying ensued. The GM had neglected to name the Dvorian that bought 4/5 of the missing employees, so he was promptly christened Dvorian Dave. After a significant amount of silliness, the name of his shop was cemented as Dvorian Dave’s Discount Slaves.

We are humongous nerds, and it is awesome.

2. Since the game was last minutes, I cooked the same dinner I’d been planning for Sunday anyway. Lasagna, caesar salad, and fresh bread. This is a fantastic gaming night menu because you can make the lasagna the night before, and the day of all you need to do is set your bread, prep your lettuce, and bake things. This means minimal to no game interruption required to get dinner ready. Your kitchen will stay mostly clean too, which is nice.

3. 3. CCE was especially entertaining this week. First, one of the boys was astonished that I knew what a meme was. He offended my honor as a nerd, but later we bonded in defense of the new Miyazaki movie from another girl who lumped it with dumb Dragonball Z style anime and dismissed it in favor of the Lorax.

Memes came up because I mentioned the youtube Downfall parody where Hitler reacts to the new translation. We watched that video at the end of class, and they laughed so much that it’s a good thing there were subtitles.

They also found out that I was on Twitter, which resulted in me being accused of being a hipster, because I was on Twitter before it was cool (which is true, I was), but I explained that hipsters don’t actually like or dislike things, they just care about what other people like and dislike. I still like Twitter now that it’s cool, ergo I cannot be a hipster. It’s subtle distinctions like these that are important in theology.

They were really good about participating this week. Enthusiastic participation does tend to drift off topic though.

4. I picked up Simplifying the Soul by Paula Huston last Friday. Even though I started a few days late, it’s already shown it’s good in my life, and I suspect it shall do so regularly throughout Lent. While every day seems to have a bit shared from Mrs. Huston’s personal experience, it is not off putting, like in other books I could mention.

5. I have a new fashion resolution. Update my wardrobe with classic pieces at the end of a season for the next year, instead of with trendy pieces at the beginning of the season for this year. Not that I’ve ever known what’s trendy, mind. But it’s more economical that way. I’ve always wanted a pair of nice tall boots for winter, and I finally found a pair that will fit my enormous calf muscles. They’ll look fantastic with skirts next winter. If I’m lucky, it’ll still be cold in Kentucky when I visit my sister and I can wear them some still this year.

6. On impulse, I bought a pound of beeswax (unbleached, as it’s Lent) and some wicks and poured candles in all my little glass votives. I love it. It has the nicest light, sweet scent, and the candles burn so much longer! I’ll never buy another paraffin candle, although I will buy some better quality wicks.

7. My son loves to pull my strings, and, like a puppet, boy do I dance for him. Counting is his latest choregraphic arrangement. Here’s how he counts:

1… 2… 3… 4… 6…

And then he gives me that look. You know the look. That mischievous, defiant, ‘gotcha’ look. And I fall for it every. single. time. I can’t help it. It has me climbing the walls. And he thinks’s it’s funny.

He’s lucky he’s cute.

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes: Nerd Edition

  1. jen says:

    One’s hipster identity is definitely an important theological distinction! As is how [theological issue] relates to Star Wars/Star Trek/Transformers.

    • GeekLady says:

      I think hipsterism is largely meaningless (not to mention boring) but it served as a good example on how theology turns on extremely precise definitions of terms.

      Star Wars, Star Trek, and Transformers don’t come up much at all in Theology, although you’ve given me an excellent idea for a discussion in next year’s Apologetics module when we discuss different philosphical perspectives of the the world.

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