7 Quick Takes: Maker’s Edition

1.  I got sick of not being able to find skirts long enough to fit me (Your standard ‘knee length’ skirt hits me anywhere between the mid to lower third of my thigh.  This is one of several reasons why I hate skirts.) so I bought fabric and lining and a zipper out of pique and made my own.  Fully lined.  Invisible zipper.  Fitted waist.  I even saved an extra strip of fabric so I can replace the waistband if I drop some poundage.

You don’t technically need a pattern for this type of skirt.  I can write up a quick tutorial, if anyone is interested.  With photos.  It’ll give me an excuse to make another one.

Please excuse the wooden expression, this was about the 20th picture that had been taken, and I’m on the verge of giving up.  Also, I don’t photograph well, and the longer it takes, the less well I look.  But see, the skirt is long enough!

2.  And apparently, dropping the poundage is a possibility.  Dad said I looked like I lost weight, so I borrowed his scale (we don’t own a scale) and lo and behold, I’m down six pounds since Christmas.

I’d feel better about this, except that this is probably just the initially gained pregnancy weight coming off after October.  I am inclined to sulk and console my bruised soul with cookies, except I’ve given up all sweets for Lent.  Blast.

3.  So I gave up sweets for Lent because I have a monumental sweet tooth that is only held in check by my restraint in the grocery store and general laziness as regards baking.  Remembering that I have to do the dishes (eventually) is pretty much the only reason I don’t weight 500 lbs.  Thus, the giving up sweets.  I’m allowed greek yoghurt with honey, fruit, and a small amount of cinnamon sugar on my oatmeal – the first two because they’re good for me but I don’t eat them, and the last because I cannot force down a bowl of oatmeal without it.  There’s a reason we generally have oatmeal for breakfast on Fridays!

4.  Although I was firmly convinced that the cold weather was over for the year, I buckled down and did what I’ve been intending to do all winter:  I took an old queen(?) down comforter, ran two down dams of stitching down the middle, cut it in two, and bound up the raw edges.  Then I cleaned up all the down that got loose in spite of my precautions.  Now I have two… not really twin sized comforters, but certainly adequately sized toppers to go between the sheet/blanket layer and the quilt layer.  They ought to give just enough extra warmth during cold snaps to keep little ones in their own bed and out of mine.

Lo and behold, another cold front has come through, and I am rewarded for my perseverance.

If you’re filled with horror that I cut up a perfectly good down comforter… so am I.  But it was old, and frankly it smells terribly musty, so it never got used anyway except in emergency “why the heck is it THIS cold?” situations.

When the sun returns, I’m planning on giving them good sun bleachings, in hope of combating the mustiness, and if that doesn’t work, then (shudder) washing them.

5.  Do not enter a used bookstore, find a book that you desperately want, and not buy it.  IT WILL NOT BE THERE when you return, even if it’s only a week or two later.  Someone wants that copy of Learn Objective C on the Mac, and they will visit Half Price between the time that you found it, and the time you came back after ascertaining you don’t have a copy of that particular book.

I keep ignoring this cardinal rule of used bookstores, and suffering for it.  Last time it was a pristine hardback copy of The Well Trained Mind.  I vowed to never do it again then too.

6.  I was doing pretty well with my housewifery until I decided to make that skirt.  Then everything went straight down the toilet.  Gah.  I’m slowly developing some ideas for a real, flexible system of housewifery, without the clinging cutesy crap or über emotional drama.

I’m afraid I’m a terribly cranky sort of person.

7.  Being a terribly cranky sort of person, I have about a gazillion blog posts which are reactions to other blog posts that have bugged me in some way or another.  It’s not just my bad writing that keeps these essays from being posted.  I feel vaguely embarrassed about just posting reactions to other people’s writing instead of anything of my own.  Maybe that’s how you improve writing, by responding to other writing?  I don’t know.

Whew.  Made it to seven.  Visit Jen @ Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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