Flour Tortillas

 So… flour tortillas.  I use this recipe from Joe Pastry’s blog, and the first time I made it, Himself informed me that I had outmexicaned his mother.  (Sorry, Momil.)  So they’re pretty darn good flour tortillas.  Better than anything the local grocery stores put out, even if they make them fresh in the store.  They’re the next best thing to a real tortilleria.

They’re also a pretty easy 30-45 minutes clean counter to clean counter, especially with a stand mixer.  So I can whip them out essentially stress free on a Sunday evening for breakfast the next morning.

I highly recommend using a big wooden pastry board and a light wooden rolling pin to roll these out with, because these guys take significant flouring to roll out nice and thin.  I probably go through an addition cup of flour just for rolling.

So there you go.  Just in case anyone needs a good tortilla recipe.

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