Be Careful What You Wish For…

I joked to Dorian over dinner at meetup last Thursday that the only thing I could ask for would be for GeekBaby to be able to go potty at night all by himself.  He’s been out of diapers full time for months now, but if he has to go potty in the night, he comes and wakes me up so I can help him.

Last night, I was woken by the hall bathroom light, and the sound of my son using the potty.  I heard him flush the toilet, wash his hands, and then the light was out and he was back in bed.  

And I was suddenly so sad.  My baby didn’t need me as much anymore.  I got up and crept into his bedroom to make sure he was tucked in warmly – it was pretty cold last night – but he was perfectly snug in his nest of blankets.

So I went back to bed and feeling pretty dang sorry for myself, a state of affairs only to be resolved by the appearance of my child who couldn’t go back to sleep after his display of independence.  He crawled into bed in between us and proceeded to rustle around and/or snore for the next four hours, until I opened my eyes at eight to find him peering at me, inches from my face.  He gave me an angelic smile and proclaimed he was ‘starving’.

And, mindful of how bad I felt when I thought he didn’t need me, instead of being cranky about my interrupted sleep, I got up and made waffles and bacon.

And coffee.

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