7 Quick Takes – Monsoon Edition

1.  It’s raining here in Houston!  Praise God!  And not just random torrential downpours, but nice steady soaking rains.  The Houston Monsoon Season has returned, but whether it’s in time to save some of our trees I don’t know.

2.  GeekBaby, during one of his illicit trips of exploration dug up my latin translation of The Cat In The Hat, and insisted that I read it to him.  And he liked it!

Not only did he like it, he keeps bringing it back and asking me to read it again.  Of course he picks the translation of The Cat In The Hat that I have the most trouble pronouncing.  Spanish would be better, but the Spanish version lingers on the shelf, unmolested by nosy toddlers.

Hmm.  I went to go dig it out, and the spanish version is mysteriously missing.  One mystery explained, and another one created!

3.  I’ve been trying to find some other, nicer, method of styling my hair.  Something other than my standard braid, which while an effective and important hair management style for keeping hair out of my face, is rather strict looking.  For the Wee Cowgirl’s baptism, I figured out how to pull the wings of my hair back to confine the rest of it, but I just used an elastic to hold it back.  Then yesterday I had the idea to do this:

Instead of just confining the wings with a barrette or elastic, I braided it.  Then I accidentally dropped the braid, but it looked so pretty with the braid unraveling softly against the rest of my hair that I left it.  It’s very elven princess-y.

Sadly it doesn’t last.  Yesterday it all fell out before I even got to Freebirds for the Houston Catholic Blogger Meetup.  Today I’ve tried bobby pins in a variety of configurations, but nothing has held for long.  I couldn’t even get a really good picture before it unraveled.  I’m quite determined though.  Watch out, hair.

 4.  So, the Houston Catholic Blogger meetup… was just me and Dorian from Scrutinies.  A couple other people were going to come, but canceled at the last minute.  On one hand, the low turn out was a little depressing.  On the other hand, it was 9:30 before either of us realized we really ought to go home.  So on that count it was blast!

5.  Friday is chore day.  It’s also gloomy and raining.  This makes for a rather depressing day.  It’s okay that I’m blogging though, because 1) I really ought to post more regularly so it counts as a chore, and 2) as of this writing, the bedsheets are already in the dryer, so I have been productive this morning.  

At the same time, I’m playing with GeekBaby and his little plastic knights.  Kids learn Red versus Blue earlier and earlier these days.

6.  I had a really good idea this week.  Our house has a game room/library/open play area upstairs along with the bedrooms.  One of our mid term goals is to get the room cleaned up and organized so that we can put a work table up in the room.  For work.  And games.  Lots of latter.

Well, my idea was to obtain a dry erase board and then mount it in the surface of the table.  A drawer at each seat at the table for miscellanious stuff.  Even do felt backed, veneer leaves that attach via magnets to make it look like a regular table, and protect the dry erase surface.  Sort of a poor man’s Geek Chic, without the dropped playing surface.

Himself really liked the idea, then we remembered we have no money and were momentarily sad.  This idea will be added to the (long) list of overly ambitions projects that we’d like to do but will probably never exist ouside of our imagination.

7.  We’ve settled our Valentine’s Day menu for this year.  Every year, for what feels like forever now, we’ve eschewed the traditionally ‘romantic’ ordeal of getting a sitter, going out to eat, waiting hours to get a table, expensive flower and gifts, etc.  And being ossified reconstructed manualists, we don’t like the common solution of just going out on a different day to avoid the crowds.  So instead we have romantic family dinners at home.  GeekBaby included – he’s a major result of romance after all.

We break out the good china, and the wine, and the candles, and we cook as nice a dinner as we can afford, and we have a real decadent dessert, usually cheesecake because I can make a tiny 4″ cheesecake which is just enough for everyone and not much left over.

This year we’re having little bacon wrapped tenderloins, duchess potatoes, and roasted vegetables (cippolini onions, asparagus, carrots, maybe baby beets) and rolls.  Life being busy, and Valentine’s Day being in the middle of the week, this is a pretty simple menu with most of it able to be prepared ahead of time.

For more Quick Takes, visit Hallie @ Betty Beguiles, who is hosting for Jennifer during crunch time.

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Monsoon Edition

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    How on earth do you divide a 4″ cheesecake between two bigs and a little and have ANYTHING left over? A 4″ cheesecake is a single serving, my friend!

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