Breakfast Tacos

 Having lately become convinced that I ought to be feeding my husband and son a real breakfast every morning, and oatmeal every morning being too easy to fall off the wagon one day when I don’t have time to clean the crock pot, I’ve instituted a rolling breakfast menu.

Monday and Thursday are breakfast taco mornings.  GeekBaby finds this especially exciting, as he gets to carry his breakfast to MoMo’s and eat it there.

Breakfast tacos consist of a flour tortilla (homemade, because it’s indecently difficult to find a decent flour tortilla around here), a scrambled egg, breakfast meat de la semaine, and potatoes.  I can scramble my eggs sans fat now, thanks to a much needed new nonstick griddle.  The breakfast potatoes are frozen, and I fry up a cup of them with a tablespoon of canola oil, according to the package directions.  The meat is sausage, or bacon if I have any leftover that week, well drained:  one slice of bacon, or one tablespoon browned sausage.

I just worked out the nutritional information (for bacon), and it’s not too terrible.  Sausage is probably leaner, and just potato and egg (for Lent) will be leaner still.

  • 460 total calories
  • 234 calories from fat
  • 25.6g total fat
  • 8.5g saturated fat
  • 15g protein
  • 504mg sodium

I love these things, they’re filling that they keep me going till lunchtime, unlike oatmeal which leaves me hungry again by 10.  They’re also pretty great for busy mornings when everyone needs to be out the door by 6.  All I have to do is cook the eggs and potatoes and warm the tortillas.  The meat I cook enough of for a week and keep it in the fridge.

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