7 Quick Takes – Busy Weekend Edition

1.  Sunday is Himself’s birthday!  Hurrah!  Sadly, our usual nerdy dissipation consisting of his favorite dinner (beef ‘n beer with homemade noodles), birthday cake, and board games galore has to be rescheduled…

2.  …because the Wee Cowgirl is (finally) getting baptized on Sunday!  And that means a party and socializing and all that stuff that we’d normally chew our own legs off at the knees to avoid.  But Wee Cowgirl is worth it, and since we’re her godparents, we rather have to be there.

3.  This means I’m not just going to be eating an awful lot of cake this weekend, I’m going to be baking an awful lot of cake this weekend!  Himself’s birthday cake is simple, but the Wee Cowgirl’s mother asked me to bake a cake for the party, and she had her heart set on a 3 tiered cake.  I’ve never made a 3 tiered cake, but inadequate tools and last minute drama aside, I’m going to gamely give it a go, and my best.  I’ll put pictures of the culinary disaster up when it’s all over and I’ve recovered from my buttercream overdose.

It doesn’t matter how irritated I am, I cannot resist a new project.

4.  If you were ever wondering why Himself is Himself instead of DH or some other nauseatingly cute name, these are why.  He got those mugs for his birthday long ago, and it just seems the right sort of blog nickname for him.  I can’t call him Mexican on the Internet, as the Internet just wouldn’t understand.

But just so we’re clear – I don’t do cute.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true.  Naturally occuring cute, like naturally occuring burnt orange, is perfectly acceptable.  It’s only when cute (or burnt orange) metastisizes all over that I can’t stand it.  Thus I avoid spending time in the children’s section of Catholic bookstores and the city of Austin.

5.  We’ve been watching the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings with my parents over the last two weeks.  There was some concern that GeekBaby would be overly frightened by the battle scenes, but at the first attempt to cover his eyes, he dodged the eye covering hand and sat there on my mother’s lap, bouncing and pumping his fists.  It was both funny, and a little disturbing.  And he falls asleep curled up with me in the beanbag about 2/3 of the way through each movie, so he missed the unnecessarily violent, desperate, and sad Helm’s Deep battle.  But the spider at the beginning of Return of the King tonight will get him.  He hates spiders.

6.  I am full of irritation with Sur La Table, because the only 3″ deep cake pans they have in the store is the set of Fat Daddio’s they have welded together for a display!  Grah!!!  2″ deep cake pans just lose too much cake to trimming.

Speaking of cake pans, I finally get to use the new quarter sheet my mother in law gave me for christmas!  Thank you Momil!

7.  I’m just now realizing that the Houston Catholic Blogger meet up is next Thursday.  I’m absolutely not prepared for this.  I don’t feel either Catholic enough or bloggery enough.  All I got is the Houston part.  Ick.

For more Quick Takes, and much less whining, this week, visit Hallie @ Betty Beguiles!

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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Busy Weekend Edition

  1. The Licensed Fool says:

    “beef ‘n beer with homemade noodles” – Mmm. Now that has got to go on the ‘give it a try’ list…
    Have a good weekend, hope the Baptism goes smoothly.

  2. Dorian Speed says:

    “Naturally occurring burnt orange” – love it. It was great to meet you!

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