I’m sorry I haven’t put anything new up lately.  I’ve been is such a terribly bad mood that I didn’t want to unnecessarily inflict it on anyone, and so I was silent.  I’m feeling a little better now, and while the president is still unwelcome in my home (and will remain so until such time as he shows up with a heartfelt* apology for violating the nation’s religious freedoms), I’m no longer incandescently** angry.

*  I’m talking on his knees outside the window singing accompanied by a boombox level of heartfelt apology here.  America The Beautiful, please.  Sing verse two twice, for emphasis.

**  Himself says my Death Stare has two levels:  greasy smear and scorched earth.  We’ve been hovering at the fringes of a new, unnamed and unexplored level since January 20th.  I’ve had to resort to cleaning house just to burn off excess spleen.

Anyhow.  Back to my regularly unscheduled nerdiness.

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