7 Quick Takes – Dezombifying Edition

1. We had a pretty bad week last week. So bad, that I’m a little bemused to already find it Friday again. Didn’t Himself just leave for Dallas? I can’t remember.

Saturday GeekBaby and I had what I’ve finally settled on being stomach flu. Then Sunday, his cold started to assert itself. Then Tuesday he managed to bust his lower lip on the cart at Target, and he never really seemed to stop throwing up for more than about 16 hours at a time. So Wednesday I called in sick and took him to the pediatrician.

2. Pediatrician: Well, his throat is pretty red, let me see your throat. … Wow, your throat is awfully red too. He must have strep.

Me: There is no *redacted* way he has strep. The incubation period for strep is 1-3 days and we’ve been sequestered with stomach flu for the last 4 days. His throat is red because he keeps throwing up, you know, the reason I brought him in. (I was politer than this, but still firm, because strep is a dumb diagnosis in this case all around.)

Pediatrician: Well, we need to test for strep anyway, blah blah blah, rheumetic fever, blah blah blah. (She didn’t give me the rheumatic fever discussion this time. I do actually like this pediatrician because she is generally respectful of my own common sense and experience, which is refreshing in a doctor. But she’s got this thing about strep.)

Me: Fine, just remember to do a throat culture too, since he has always given a false positive on the quick test before. (We’re 0/5 on strep diagnoses after culture, and the kid is only 3).

Pediatrician: That’s right, thanks for reminding me. …That’s weird, there’s liquid in this strep culture tube.

Me: If there’s agarose in the bottom, sometimes that weeps. It’s probably fine.

Pediatrican: Good to know.

Instant Strep Test: N3g4t1v3!!!

Me & Pediatrician: Huh.

Pediatrician: Well, his ears are infected, so here’s an prescription for Ab, and how about we give him a shot today to make sure he doesn’t vomit up the first dose tonight.

Me: Sounds good.

GeekBaby: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

GeekBaby: My boo-boo was on my lip, not my knee!!

3. After this last week’s uninterrupted stream of illnesses, (and after digging in the linen closet at 1am desperately looking for fresh queen sheets for my bed) my awareness of how my household completely falls apart whenever I am sick is extremely high. I’m a really rotten housekeeper. So I’m looking at different housekeeping management systems again.

I’m not fond of A Mother’s Rule of Life, (and I’ll be honest, I resent the book a little for taking such a neat concept and going nowhere particularly interesting with it). I’m positively anti-Flylady. Is there anything else to look at?

I’ve been reading Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House. While I’m finding it quite useful, it’s really more of an encyclopedia than a system. What I need is something that reminds me to change the AC filters regularly and get the car inspected. Something like the housekeeping journals women kept of yore, but for the modern age.

So if you’re reading this, what kind of chores and maintenance do you always forget to do? What parts of a household management system work for you, and which don’t? I don’t care whether you stay at home, work from home, or work away from the home. I’m just interested in what works for people, and what doesn’t, and why.

4. Dorian Speed wants to have a Houston Catholic blogger meet up! I’m so there, and if you will appreciate the entertainment value of watching me look terrified of meeting new people without a keyboard interface, you should be there too!

5. Fraggle Rock streaming on Netflix is a wonderful thing when you and the littles are sick. GeekBaby and I went through the rest of the run. And let me tell you, that was quality programming. They had actual plots and character change and everything. Way better than the Bob the Builder garbage that is on television these days.

6. It’s been such a rough week, I’m actually having trouble coming up with 7 Things, Quick or Otherwise. So, enjoy this YouTube video of Benjamin Bagby performing Beowulf. I do.

7. Speaking of Beowulf, how awesome are these socks?? They’re knitted with the opening verses!

I must obtain this pattern. Must.

Woohoo, I made it to 7! Visit Jennifer Fulwiler @ Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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9 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Dezombifying Edition

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    Have you read SeamusHeaney’s translation of Beowulf? Really good, and it’s a dual text with the original tongue on the left hand pages. You can borrow it, if you like.

  2. Katherine says:

    Oh I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick this week. I hope everyone is healthy again soon!

    I guess I have a two-tiered cleaning system. Saturdays are my weekly cleaning days…. sweeping, mopping, vacuuming. Tables, counters and floors all get cleaned every Saturday. Pretty much everything else gets cleaned when it needs it and when I can. Not really organized I know, but four little ones don’t really let me organize much more than that.

  3. Beadgirl says:

    Oh, those are the coolest socks ever. And I’m glad you are feeling better!

  4. MelanieB says:

    For the kinds of regular maintenance stuff like changing filters my geeky husband uses rememberthemilk.com He sets up reminders for himself ahead of time then does them when they come up. I’m really good at ignoring that kind of reminder; but maybe it would work for you. I have no other suggestions for housekeeping geekery but I am so glad there is someone else who feels resentment about A Mother’s Rule of Life. (I didn’t realize until now that what I feel is resentment; but that is the perfect word for it.) I wish someone would write a better version of it. It is a concept that deserves to be explored properly.

    I wish I were in Houston to go to Dorian’s meet up.

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, I wish you could come too. That would be fantastic!

      As far a A Mother’s Rule of Life goes, ive got some rather complex feelings. On one hand, she is perfectly free to write whatever book on housekeeping she wants, with whatever method she likes. And other women are perfectly free to find it helpful… Or not. It’s more like “you had this idea full of awe and loveliness, and all you took from it is scheduling tips? With a serving of modern “me time” on the side? Gah!”

      • MelanieB says:

        My brother and his fiance actually live in Houston now…. but I’m afraid the next time we’ll be in Texas will probably be for their wedding. Which will be in Austin.

        Oh exactly! I got so depressed with all the scheduling tips. Especially as none of her scheduling tips really work either with my personality or most especially with the baby and toddler years when the babies are coming at a rate of one every year and a half or so when your whole schedule changes every few months depending on whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, or have a teething baby and sick toddler. It’s really more of a book about scheduling for a family with a bunch of older kids. loveliness

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