7 Quick Takes – Long Weekend Edition

1. Himself is going to Dallas this weekend for the MLK Game Weekend. I opted to stay at home, since 1) the home of the family we’d be visiting is no longer accustomed to toddlers 2) it’ll be cram packed with people, and 3) GeekBaby and I are honestly still exhausted from the holiday scramble. So I deemed it better that we stay home and spend the weekend reestablishing a schedule. But Himself is gone, and we are going to miss him. He’ll get home sometime on Monday, till then we’re on our own.

2. Also, in interest of conserving gasoline, we’ve moved the carseat from the Civic to the pickup truck. GeekBaby thinks riding in the pickup truck is a real treat. I’m just happy that the Radian Car seat installs easily almost everywhere.

3. I have a surprise for Himself when he gets home. I only mention this because I know he reads my blog religiously and so he’ll see this tonight. Heh heh heh.

4. Hallie @ Betty Beguiles has convinced me that I ought to be paying better attention to what I’m wearing. So far, I have been sucessful in my fashion resolution – not to accidentally wear any shirt backwards or inside out (or both). I think I’m ready to take it to the next step, and start examining my wardrobe. Essays, yes plural, on this topic are forthcoming.

5. I got the most awesome kitchen tool today with the last bit of my oma money. It’s a new garlic press. I’ve reviewed it extensively for my cooking blog, but to sum it up, I’m in love.

6. We have had the most… uneven week of cooking ever. Monday I made cottager’s pie, and it was fantastic, although I was a little short of mashed potatoes. Tuesday, we made sloppy joes and ran out of ingredients right and left. After two trips to the grocery store, we finally ended up borrowing ketchup from the neighbors. It wasn’t quite enough, although he generously gave me the entire bottle from his fridge. But that’s okay, anything to avoid going back to the store for the third time in an evening.

I bought a replacement bottle of ketchup Wednesday, and brought it over to their house last night after I got home from work. His wife was home this time and she was very funny because apparently there was another whole bottle of ketchup in their pantry. Ah well. Serves me right for not double checking my shopping list against my menu and panty.

7. I’ve decided that GoodReads is an acceptable social media platform. You may expect drastically increased activity in that sector. That is all.

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary. And wish her Happy Birthday, too. Happy Birthday Jen!

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