Geekiness, Beauty, Modesty, and Interaction Between the Sexes

There have been a large quantity of articles on a variety of disparate topics that I’ve been wanting to write on particularly, but I could never get a particular essay to gel.  Geeks versus Nerds, prettiness versus hotness, gentlemanly behavior, personal beauty…  And then today I stumbled over another article that, when added has the potential to make everything crystallize into a nice, orderly matrix.  It just needs a little heat and pressure to come together.

So posting will be light numerically in the next several weeks as I try to make some diamonds from this crude.  But when they come, they’ll hopefully be entertaining and interesting.  I probably won’t get one up tonight, I have CCE tonight, but if I don’t have one up by Monday, harass me in the comments to get back to work.

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