The Hazards of Charm Bracelets

Today, as I wrestled all 40 pounds of GeekBaby (who had managed to saturate his pants whilest using the potty at HEB and whom I had just changed into clean ones at the car, in the rain) back into the shopping cart, the medal on my charm bracelet got snagged on the cart and wrenched clean off.  A nice, tidy lesson in being more careful and patient that I’m sure I’ll forget as soon as my child wets himself in a public place.
Fortunately I didn’t lose the medal.  It’s the one Himself gave me for my first Mother’s Day, Nuestra Señora de la Leche.  That would have made me sad.
My brilliant idea was to have a charm bracelet to wear with a collection of medals of all my special patron saints.  It would be a constant (if impractical) reminder to ask for their prayers.  I barely remembered my medal when it was on my neck, dangling from my wrist it’s much more present.  And I always thought the bracelets were pretty, but I’d never been able to think of anything I’d really care to have dangling from my wrist until now.  I’ll add more over time.  Saint Augustine, whose feast my birthday is on.  A couple others.
It’s really late, and I’m rambling horribly by now.  I cant figure out how to wind this up anymore, so I’m just going to go to bed.

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