Gaming Night!

We finally had another Star Wars game session tonight.  The GM had a rough college semester this past fall and didn’t have either the time or the energy to devote to the game, so we’ve been on hiatus since August.
A few hiccups at first, but I found my character sheet in the end, and finally remembered her name.  Kira Lassiter, ship’s medic.  We borrowed a big laser gun for the ship from some pirates, tracked down a missing cargo of donuts and donut making equipment, and did some other stuff that I missed because I was trying to con GeekBaby into napping, or otherwise keep him from being too disruptive.  It was a blast.
GeekBaby is desperate to play any game that we’re playing – in the Pandemic marathons of the Christmas holidays we had to give him a spare pawn and let him fly to different spots on the map to keep him happy.  I’m thinking he might be getting old enough to do a very basic, heavy on role playing, light on numbers sort of game.  I like the concept behind Fuzzy Heroes, especially the use of real toys as minis, but it’s still too numbers-heavy.  I have some alternate ideas though.  I want to encourage him in more creative play and he wants to play games like the grown ups, so this has lots of promise as an educational tool if I can get the mechanism just right.
Besides, he already has his own set of dice.

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