7 Quick Takes – Exhausted Edition

One of the reasons I like the longest possible Advent is that it gives me enough time to undergo the necessary psyching up for the entirely overwhelming Christmas season, which I find exhausting (and, sadly, the social elements demoralizing).   
1.  I am the Charlie Brown of party throwers.  I threw a Christmas party on the 28th.  Due to a variety of issues, not one single person came.  But the food was great.  Single bite caprese salads, cheese pinecones, savory palmiers, yummy cookies… I’ve been channeling Julia Childs ever since I got back from my in law’s, complete with pearls.  And in a little bit I’m going to go make English toffee with my sister!  My happiness knows far fewer bounds than normal!
2.  My sister is here!  She leaves on the 4th, and it’s bad that I have to work every morning from the 2nd onward, but I’m glad to have her visiting.  She is just adorably pregnant, too.
3.  Since they just arrived yesterday, we finally opened those presents.  I am now typing this 7 Quick Takes on a real keyboard, snapped into a knifty little case/iPad stand.  I used to have trouble typing fast enough to get all my thoughts out before losing them, and now things are going so much faster that I now have quite the opposite problem.
4.  I was also given (and have finished) Count to a Trillion by John C. Wright. He ended on a cliffhanger, the villian.
I quite enjoyed it (not a difficult enterprise, really) but need a little more time to organize my thoughts on it, I think.  One of the things I love about Wright’s writing is how hard it is to tell when he’s grabbed onto some obscure but real factoid, and when he’s making it up.  I find in science fiction that this helps blur the lines that otherwise resist suspension of disbelief (and therefore my enjoyment).  Also, the early setting of future, post-apocolypic, dark ages Houston just tickles me to death.
Book-suspension is the only thing that could have kept me at home today, and I’m headed over to make sticky messes in the kitchen with my sister as soon as I’m done with these. 

5.  I can highly recommend the Cardamom Shortbread Cookies Ms. Humble posted ages ago.  They are delicious, and easy, if you don’t mind baking by weight.
6.  GeekBaby’s reading lessons have been suspended to post-Epiphany.  It was completely dumb of me to start them right before Christmas, and it was just one more procrastination attempt while I worked on his quilt.  Which I did get finished, and now graces the bottom bunk with the necessary gravitas for a little boy’s bedroom.

I’m going to do a matching quilt for the top bunk, but as it currently lacks two slats, a foundation, and a mattress; there’s no immediately pressing need.
7.  Making up the bottom bunk of a bunkbed stinks.  I banged my head twice, and it still looks rumpled.  I can’t wait till he’s old enough to pass this chore off onto.
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One Response to 7 Quick Takes – Exhausted Edition

  1. Dorian Speed says:

    The quilt looks terrific! You’ve inspired me to further consider finishing a quilt. Baby steps and all.

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