TARDIS Quilt Completed!

It’s done! With twelve hours to spare!

I call this the TARDIS quilt because its what I imagine the view out of a window in the TARDIS would look like. This idea is actually why I chose the navy blue for the border and back, and quilted it only by outlining the squares and snowballs. This quilting causes the plain blue back to subtly echo the paneling of the big blue box.

My quilting wasnt perfect though. I have many places where I strayed from stitching in the ditch and dipped visibly into the pale gray or the colorful bits of the windowpanes. Worse, despite my best efforts, I ended up with terrible puckers in the backing. See?  

I don’t want anyone to be too impressed with me. This is a novice’s quilt, I didn’t have quite the right tools, and it really shows. I’m trying hard not to let the puckers bother me. They’re almost all at the foot, so they won’t show much. And it will keep GeekBaby warm all the same, so I shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I guess. It burns, though.  
The quilt pattern is called Stars Through The Window that I stumbled across online during my quest to find the end of the Internet. It’s a baby quilt, but doubling the block size and adding a 3″ border produces a perfectly sized twin bed quilt. 
The planetary fabric is Large Planets from Joann’s. All other fabric is kona cotton. The pale gray I had to dye myself, because kona cotton inexplicably doesn’t come in pale gray.  
The binding was cut from the navy kona, created and applied (badly) using the instructions on YouTube by Connecting Threads.  
And I’d like to thank my wonderful and generous mother in law for giving me her old Bernina.  

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