7 Quick Takes – Finishing Edition

1.  I think I’ll actually get this redacted quilt done in time for Christmas!  Through Herculean effort, not to mention a hefty dose of “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” foolhardiness, I got the whole business put together and quilted (badly) by last Sunday.  Then, on Monday, I attached the binding.  All that was left was to whip stitch it to the back of the quilt.
110.5″ in yesterday, I ran out of thread.
2.  No one in the Valley sells Gutermann’s.  I’m doing the remaining 2/3rds of quilt with inferior Coats and Clark.  I now have a renewed appreciation for the sheer excellence of Gutermann’s thread, especially for hand work.
3.  In other finishing news, I’ve finished some other small projects, but as they are intended for people like my sister who might actually read this blog, I’ll put pictures of them up in the New Year.
4.  Tomorrow, I’m baking a pie, and maybe my mother in law and I will make tamales.  So I have to finish the quilt tonight.  Yet, here I sit, tapping out Quick Takes instead.
5.  We went to a posada last night.  Father only let the good singers come with him outside, so out GeekBaby and I went.  I may not be able to speak Spanish, but in a instance of the occassional unreasonableness of reality, I can sing it fairly well.  I was more hampered by having to sign an unfamiliar melody by ear.

Then afterwards there was a piñata, which for some reason my son refuses to wallop with the stick as hard as I know from personal experience he can wallop with sticks.  And when it did break, he doesn’t have the piñata instincts of the rest of the kids  in the parish, and didn’t get any candy.  He did snag one of the cone points that was knocked off the star.  So he’ll learn.

And then there was menudo.
Menudo is horrifying to look at, but I made the sign of the cross, and dove in because Himself was laughing at me as I stared into my bowl with horror.  And actually, it doesn’t taste bad at all, things are just a little chewy.  But the appearance would be so much better if they cut the tripe up into much smaller, and more unreconizable pieces.
GeekBaby wouldn’t eat the menudo, which I think has more to do with silverware unprofficiency than the tripe.  I know he eats tripe.
There were also buñelos, not as good as the ones my mother in law and her mother make, but they made up for the menudo.  I love buñelos, and I might try making them at home for New Years.
6.  I very much want to give it a shot of having neighborhood posadas next year.  The guy across the street is from Mexico, worst case scenario, we just bounce it back and forth between our house every night.  Our next door neighbor objects to “the Catholic Church telling him what to do”, the lady next door has alienated everyone else on the block, and the next house down is full of nominal Baptists, and the guy at the end… I won’t even go there.  But if any street ever needed posadas, we do.
7.  I’m afraid I’ve finished my coffee and am out of takes.  So I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I’m going to run off to work on finish the quilt, and maybe watch Christmas Vacation while GeekBaby is occupied outside.
For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!

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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Finishing Edition

  1. Contra says:

    I think certain foods like menudo were invented on a dare.

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