Our Advent Wreath

I love and look forward to having our Advent wreath out every year. And every year there’s something new surrounding it’s place in out home. Two years ago it was the ribbon markers, last year how to scavenge greenery so they stand wasn’t naked, this year saw the development of the prayer booklets.  
Ignore the miscellaneous litter of wine, chocolate coins, iPads, and quilting notions. It’s been pretty busy around here.  
The stand came from Marklin Candles, way back when they only sold liturgical and home liturgical candles. I love it because it’s made for pillars, not tapers. Tapers just burn too fast to light it during dinner every evening. Sadly, they don’t sell this one anymore. I used to get their pillars too, but they’re hideously expensive that made those ribbon markers and now just buy white unscented pillars.  
The next planned innovation is to make my own beeswax pillars. I’d like to give this a shot before Candlemas, so they can be blessed for next Advent.  

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