A Slightly Off Color Exchange

So yesterday, while I snarfed a hasty lunch between experiments, Noodles asked me if I knew why there were only 200,000 Mexican soldiers at the Alamo…
Oof, old, old joke that.  I must have heard every Mexican joke ever conceived.  It’s one of the prices you pay to marrying into a Hispanic family.  (Along with gaining 5 lbs. per visit and being told that they miss us and we don’t visit them enough when we call to let them know me made it home safely.  Anyway…)  We chuckled over the various punch lines (that’s all they could fit in the Suburban, they only had one station wagon), and I dash off back to the bench.
But the real punch line came this morning.
Himself and I were chatting over our extremely early cups of coffee.  I told him Noodles’ joke, (Himself’s version of the punch line is that they only had two pickup trucks), and how Noodles seemed a little disappointed that I was already familiar it, but I probably know every Mexican joke known to man…
“Know them?  Babe, you’ve lived them.”
That’s my epitaph right there.  Someone compose it into a limerick and carve it on my tombstone.

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