7 Quick Takes: Domestic Liturgical Fussiness Edition

1. The first week of Advent, and I’ve already revised my little book of Advent wreath prayers. Twice. Three times. The first time to add a more seasonally appropriate response to the intercessions. The second time, after viewing Fr. Z’s fussiness over (apparently the idea of) the wreath blessing in the Magnificat Advent Companion, I added an extra line of red text, indicating we should fold our hands in prayer not extend them in blessing.

I don’t think anyone who’s interested in a set of extensive prayers for the family Advent wreath is likely the sort to be confused over the distinction between the priesthood and the laity, but, for propriety’s sake, there we are. Don’t play priest.

I also fussed with the verses to O Come O Come Emmanuel, so all seven are now included, and in the proper order to correspond to the O Antiphons. Then I fussed with them again, after I promised to leave it alone. Sorry.

Anyway, the new version is up on Google Docs. I promise to leave it alone for the rest of Advent. This year. (I mean it this time.)

2. Rosemary wilts really badly. My garland, which was so pretty last Sunday, is looking pretty sad today.

3. We’ve started a new module in CCE. Half of my 15 kids came on Wednesday (I’m including the young lady who is technically done with CCE and not signed up but comes to my class anyway as half a student) and none of them had an Advent wreath at home, or even knew what I was talking about. It was very sad.

On the other hand, one of the priests decided unilaterally to spend an evening of CCE making Confession available to all the students, and my kids are all smug and convinced that it’s because they asked for it, even though they know that I asked and was shot down. They’re all very funny and wonderful.

4. GeekBaby snubbed me when I left for CCE though. He desperately wants to go, but they don’t have CCE for three year olds.

5. In other news on the toddler front, I’ve started teaching him Christmas carols, so he’s been wandering around today bellowing “Joy to the world!” as only a three year old can. With the occasional, hysterical malapropism thrown in.

6. I have lots of blog posts crammed in my head, but I haven’t been able to get any of them out on the keyboard. All I’ve been able to think about his how blasted sick I am, and how unfair it is that I’ve had this cold for going on three weeks now, and how much my head hurts.

7. During these types of illness, the television gets a bit of a workout. We’ve been moving steadily through Babylon 5, which GeekBaby has been enjoying thoroughly. He’s learned the opening narration, with a shouting emphasis on Victory! and Babylon 5! This would be adorable if I didn’t have such a blindingly bad headache.

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes: Domestic Liturgical Fussiness Edition

  1. Flycat says:

    For what its worth, it really bothers me when they ask us all to extend our hands in blessing during mass. It feels like I am performing an politically incorrect gesture from the 40s. So I lift my left hand. Which raises other logistical issues and I still feel very silly. Can’t we just bow our heads and pray like good little laity?

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, I hate it too, because not only is it dumb and incorrect, it’s wrongheaded. So I won’t do it. But I find over correction for this issue is equally annoying.

      You know me, I’m just impossible all around. 🙂

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