7 Quick Takes: We’ve Been Sick Edition

We’ve all been sick all week. So life hasn’t been exactly exciting around here.

1. Last weekend Himself went trap and skeet shooting with a buddy, while I watched the Wee Cowgirl, said buddy’s infant daughter. The men enjoyed themselves hugely, and even more so when a random old dude bought them a third round because they’re both teachers. Meanwhile the boy and I are at home playing with a baby who’s got the Evil Cold of Evil. Wee Cowgirl is very cute, and the three of us crash in the big recliner for a nap. In retrospect, I should have quarantined the little crawling germ factory, but she was just too cute.

2. We have a friend over for dinner on Sunday and play Cities and Knights. Himself wins on my role when the barbarians come and he earns his 13th point with his Defender of Catan card. I’ve never seen that happen before, and I’ve played a lot of Cities and Knights. A Lot.

Himself hates being photographed.

3. Monday morning, early, GeekBaby runs an atrocious fever. Not because it’s high, but because he has climbed into our bed and keeps kicking the covers off the rest of us. We all wake up with the initial signs of a nasty cold, but go off to work and ‘MoMo School Castle’ anyway. We’re out of coffee.

4. Tuesday, I abandon extensive cooking from scratch this week and buy some jarred chilis for the week. I’m grossed out by the frozen shrimp I bought needing deveining. They were already supposed to be deveined, that’s why I bought ’em! Deveining shrimp is on of very few things that grosses me out. But I’ll still do it cause I love shrimp. Shrimp and chicken in green chili stew base with a little heavy cream is wonderful.

5. Wednesday, I buy more coffee. There is much rejoicing.

6. Thursday, I spend most of my day in the mouse room. One of our knockout strains isn’t producing litters. Of course it’s the one we need for the adult cardiomyocyte experiments.
I also find out Invisible Boy is defending in mid February. Defending what, I’d like to know! He doesn’t have a publication, hasn’t done any of his own experiments, and has only done some of the data gathering. His lab nickname is Invisible Boy because you never see him at the bench, but he somehow always manages to leave it a mess.

7. Oh hey it’s Friday already. The boy and I are still sick, but I took him for a haircut anyway, because if my mother-in-law sees him without a fresh haircut she’ll have apoplectic fit. Technically, his hair is still considered too long even immediately post haircut, but a recent cut reduces the complaints.
Himself and the boy leave to visit them tomorrow. I have to still work next week, so I’m staying behind. That’s extra useful, now that we’ve lost two weeks of housework by being sick. The housework math is that for every day you’re sick, you’re set back two days housework: the work you didn’t do that day, and the work to clean up the extra mess of not keeping up with daily chores. Yes, this does suck.

This as been my disjointed week. Visit Jen @ Conversion Diary for more week before Thanksgiving chaos 7 Quick Takes!

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