7 Quick Takes – Keeping Busy Edition

So I’ve been keeping myself busy. There was plenty to do at work with catching up from the week I missed. And at home my indefatigable supply of in-progress projects (and half baked ideas for projects) has kept me well occupied.

1. We’ve been dog sitting this week. She’s a lovely, friendly, big dog, but she’s a Weimaraner-Chocolate Lab mix and still a puppy, so high energy doesn’t begin to cover it. She’s great with the boy though, who thinks she’s the greatest toy since the time my mom pulled out an old tupperware lid for him to use as a frisbee. Sadly he’s too small and she’s too energetic for them to tire each other out, so she tires me out instead. Doggie goes home on Saturday though, and I hope GeekBaby doesn’t take it too hard.

2. Speaking of the boy, he’s discovered Mass parts. This is extremely adorable, until he starts repeating parts of the Eucharistic prayer, when we have to hush him. Upon hushing, he exclaims in a loud and aggrieved voice, “But I’m helping!”

3. My kids in CCE are so funny. We’re doing Liturgy and the Sacraments this fall, which means I got to introduce them to the new translation of the Missal that we will start using this Advent. Predictably, they grumbled about saying “And with your spirit” that it sound weird and why do we have to change the words anyway? So I told them that it’s exactly what we say in Spanish “Y con tu espiritu” and they stopped mid grumble, stunned. Then the hispanic kids start nodding thoughtfully. And that was the last grumbling I heard about the new translation.

4. It was replaced with some grumbling as they wanted to know why it wasn’t translated right the first time. But I am OK with this.

5. The boy’s quilt has not been going well. I started energetically by cutting all the space fabric squares. Then I didn’t like the patterned fabric I’d purchased to complement the dark gray. Mad Mo agreed, and recommended a lighter solid gray instead. Then I couldn’t find any light gray Kona cotton to use. So I bought white and tried dying it gray. Then I chickened out and took it out of the dye too early, and after it was washed it was barely dyed at all. So I redyed it today, and now it’s just the right shade to complement the darker gray. But I wanted to have the quilt done for his Christmas gift, and I don’t know if that’s going to happen now. Maybe if I bust my bottom and don’t do any other homemade gifts this year? Hmm.

6. Oh, I finally refurbished my leather jacket! I got this great leather jacket in Florence while on our honeymoon, but the lining was the typical cheap acetate stuff, and I’d popped the seams in the elbows before we reached Venice. And over the years, carrying my keys in the pockets wore holes first in the pockets, then in the inner lining of the body of the jacket.
So two and a half years ago, I ripped the lining out and disassembled it. A year ago I bought fresh fabric, a nice stretchy velveteen in a deep red, and cut out a new lining. And last weekend I assembled the whole thing and sewed it back into the jacket. Tada!

It isn’t perfect. As I wore it this week, I found several little problems that I’ll have to go back in and fix. I’m sure I’ll get to it in a year or two. But it is pretty, and I do love pretty.

7. My final completed project this week has been making a pocket mod of the people’s parts of new translation of the missal. It prints out on one side of an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper and with 4 folds and a quick cut with scissors it makes a neat little booklet small enough to fit in a pocket or wallet. I only included the parts where the people’s words have changed, so as to keep it small enough to fit the format. If anyone else is interested, I’ve put the PDF up on Google Docs, and folding and cutting instructions can be found at Big Nerd Ranch, who’s software PagePacker is what I used to create the PDF.

Thanks to Jen for hosting. For more Quick Takes, visit her at Conversion Diary!

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Keeping Busy Edition

  1. mab says:

    I just sent you a message via Facebook, but first had to friend you. That was odd. I thought we were friends. πŸ™‚ Then I realized (after the message) that J was still logged in. Oopsies! So, before you read it & wonder why James was saying those things, realize that it’s just me! πŸ™‚ Once I switched back to my account I checked — we are friends. I thought so. πŸ™‚

    Hang in there!

  2. lizsturm says:

    I keep trying to make my kids quilts and I am always running out of time. I have a twin quilt that I was trying to get done before my baby was born three years ago! It’s still half done lying down in the basement One year I am going to have a “project completion” marathon…Good luck with your son’s quilt!

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