7 Quick Takes: Houseguest Edition

Mad Mo and her hubby came to visit this weekend. Consequently, I was far too busy shopping cooking and cleaning for these to go up Friday. Totally worth it.

1. We drove over to College Station, nominally for the Kolache Festival in Caldwell, but really for GeekBaby to play with Miss Mess and for a mini gaming weekend. A good time was had by all. Miss Mo agreed about the grays for the quilt, and recommended I ditch the patterned gray and complement with a paler silver gray. She is much wiser than I in the ways of quilting.

2. I’m actually having trouble remembering what I did all last week. It’s all kind of a blur. Prospero Regained was released, acquired, and thoroughly enjoyed. I did a load of other reading and pacing around like a mad thing by way of preparing for CCE starting up on Wednesday. But other than this, my week is rather a blur.

3. I know I spent Friday getting ready for guests… I must have picked up the living room fifty times over the last week, and each time, by the time I finished, GeekBaby had dumped everything out again. Finally I just shoved everything to the periphery and vacuumed the middle. My child thought this was very funny.

4. OH! GeekBaby has a giant cardboard pirate ship, with a functional ships wheel. Just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

5. It’s also potty training time. If GeekBaby is wearing anything that even resembles a diaper, he just goes in it. But if he’s wearing training pants, he’s fine, although he won’t tell me that he has to go. Instead he just darts up to me with an intent and/or imploring look on his face and hopes I get the hint. …I don’t have the faintest idea where to go from here.

6. I got the new Jane Eyre movie from RedBox. I’m glad I didn’t go to see it in the theater, apart from the visuals, as I thought it wasn’t good at all. Its chief sin was how terribly disjointed the story was. They tried to cram things in, when I think they would have been better served by abridgment, and they abridged when exposition was desperately necessary. Also St. John was an extremely flat character, so when he tries to manipulate Jane into marrying him, we don’t really understand why she rejects him so thoroughly.

It’s fascinating, though how interested GeekBaby gets in these sorts of movies. He snuggled up with me and asked a steady stream of questions about what was happening in the movie.

7. Check out this amazing picture of Saturn from NASA’s Astronomy Pic of the Day. Isn’t it incredible?

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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes: Houseguest Edition

  1. mab says:

    We just watched the new Jane Eyre a few nights ago. I was mostly disappointed with the extremely rapid denouement. You’re going along…. dwelling on how hard her life was…. boo hoo she couldn’t marry her man…. everything stinks…. NOW IT’S HAPPY THE END. And I agree about St. John’s character. Overall, fine movie to watch, but not one I’ll really buy.

    And I love that pirate ship! We need one of those to counter-balance all of the princess frippery we have around our house.

  2. MelanieB says:

    Cool pirate ship!

    In my vast experience of potty training (which being two girls, may not be applicable at all to GeekBaby) there was a longish period of that in between stage where they generally didn’t mess in their underwear but would in anything resembling a diaper (except when they lost control) and then the accidents got a bit further and further apart until one day I realized that hey, it’s been awhile since the last accident. I’m actually kind of nervous about the prospect of potty training with the boys. I feel like I kind of get it with girls but boys are a whole other ball of wax. And really even with Sophie I felt like I was at sea because it didn’t go exactly the same way as did with Bella. Maybe it’s one of those things that is so idiosyncratic that you really do kind of have to just make it up as you go along?

    • GeekLady says:

      Well, potty training ended up going really smoothly after this post. We had a few incidents of pooping in the undies, and one horrifying moment were he randomly peed all over the neighbor’s driveway. But other than that, it’s been fine.

      Ah boys though… If you’re interested in my method, I started early with GeekBaby. As soon as he could stand I encouraged him to pee standing in his bath. (Gross maybe, but also inevitable.) When he could go on command so to speak, I put him on a potty seat instead. So it was just the last step of realizing when he needed to go that he had to learn, and for that I just had to wait till he was ready and try him on the training pants periodically.

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