7 Quick Takes: Random Stories Edition

Decent people aren’t awake yet, so this still counts as Friday, right?

1. I’ve been so sleepy this past week it’s almost intolerable. GeekBaby has been going through a rare “I want Mommy to put me to bed!” phase which I’ve been humoring due to it’s rarity. But I’ve been falling asleep there on his bed well before he does. And when he does finally fall asleep, he gloms on to me like I’m another stuffed animal, so that I can’t leave! One night I got up to use the bathroom and he stumbled in a couple minutes later looking for me.

On the scale of annoying toddler behavior, this is actually rather sweet. Still exhausting on top of everything else though.

2. He has also gotten particularly attached to me reading Winnie the Pooh at bedtime. Tears and whining if he even thinks I won’t read to him. I wish I had The House at Pooh Corner as well, but it’s almost $20 on the iBookstore, and that’s just ridiculous. I could get a complete set of the works of A.A. Milne in hardback for that.

3. Tiredness not withstanding, today I finally got off my tuckus and started working on GeekBaby’s quilt. I washed all the fabric and have all the central patches cut now.

…and I’m just realizing I completely missed the opportunity to strip piece this quilt. Doh!

But I’m realizing I’m not really attached to the grays I chose for the complementary colors. They seem too dark. I think I’m going to pack bits up and take them with us tomorrow to consult Mad Mo.

4. One of the reasons John C. Wright is a favorite author is that he’s the only other person I know who uses the word cromulent.

5. Prospero Regained is out Tuesday. I’ve finished my reread of the first two volumes, and then read its first couple of chapters because I’m impatient. Just looking at the chapter list for the final volume tells me I’m right about Miranda. It was a good setup though. Better than the blindingly obvious “who is Jon Snow’s mother”, but not as good as the climax of Towards the Gleam which I never saw coming, although I rather feel I should have.

Gah. Towards the Gleam is another book I keep meaning to review and haven’t gotten around to yet.

6. I got lesson plans for my first CCE module. They are atrocious. In addition to being shallow and having strange points of emphasis, the author makes a reference to oil being used for healing in biblical times “the same way we put butter on a burn today!” !!! Superficial and possibly heterodox wasn’t enough, you had to add incorrect first aid information as well??

I have an overwhelming desire to march into class the first day and tell them that they should never, ever put butter on a burn. They would think I was a lunatic. They might just be right.

7. Last weekend, GeekBaby found an old roll of kids wrapping paper lying around the house that featured Dora the Explorer. Now I loathe Dora and all her ilk, but GeekBaby loves the stupid show. So when he started pointing out all the characters for me, I told him, “That’s nice son, but we don’t watch Dora in this house.”

And my son sadly replied (this is a verbatim quote) “I know. I know. You don’t like my people.”

This is ten times funnier when you remember that Himself is Hispanic.

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One Response to 7 Quick Takes: Random Stories Edition

  1. Flycat says:

    You need to put a warning on your posts that I might spit water on my screen!

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