7 Quick Takes: GeekBaby is a Big Boy Now!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, today it’s all GeekBaby all the time. In addition to last Sunday’s mastery of flattery and puns, this week he has accomplished the following:

1. He learned his alphabet. He went overnight from a complete disregard for his ABCs to singing the song wherever he goes. There are two variations on this behavior. First he sings up through the letter G, then complains in song “why won’t you sing with me??” If you do sing along with him, he goes all the way through, but really hams up the ending “next time won’t you sing with me?” Its almost a threat.

2. We have a wooden United States map puzzle. A longtime favorite, he has now mastered it. This includes distinguishing between the Dakotas and between Wyoming and Colorado. He knows a fair number of the state names, which states he’s camped in, and that, apparently, my sister, her husband, and their mini schnauzer live in a cave in Kentucky!

3. He also knows that Oklahoma is really ‘Occupied North Texas’. I’m afraid I just couldn’t restrain myself. I am a terrible mother, and if we ever end up in Oklahoma for any length of time, we’ll be in big, big trouble. Hopefully this won’t end in 3 years with him in the principal’s office!

4. He also calls Maine ‘Noodles’, but this is of his own invention. Maine sounds like mein, as in lo mein, which might just be his favorite food ever. I think maybe when he starts reading I can break him of this habit. Maybe. He’s pretty stubborn.

5. First he wanted to be Woody for Halloween. Then he wanted to be Sosuke (which I highly favored, since it’s an easy costume). Now he wants to be a penguin. Specifically, he wants to be Feathers McGraw. Drat it, now I’m all conflicted.

6. I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to GeekBaby and his learning style. Puzzles are such a steady favorite with him that I’ve been wondering if he’s a kinesthetic* learner. I am a heavy kinesthetic learner myself (note to trolls, not self diagnosed) and the combination of this and his extreme stubbornness concerns me a little. More thoughts on learning styles will be forthcoming.

* I am aware of the general controversy over learning styles in the first place. In brief, I think there is something to the idea of learning styles, but the interaction between learning style and actual learning is extremely complex. Teaching to a student’s style is not a simple panacea to the educational process.

7. The bedroom blessing started well, but has gotten a little out of hand! He can’t pick just three things and so he interrupts with extra things he thinks I’ve forgotten he’s afraid of. It’s very funny, but it does seem to eliminate the “there are spiders in my bed” excuses. This is a good thing, because I don’t need any crying wolf about spiders around here.

Thanks as always to our hostess, Jen @ Conversion Diary!

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One Response to 7 Quick Takes: GeekBaby is a Big Boy Now!

  1. Beadgirl says:

    Oh man, I wish I could convince one of the beadboys to be Feathers McGraw. Maybe if I whisper it to them in their sleep for the next month and a half . . .

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