7 Quick Takes: Unthemed Edition

1. School has started. Himself, already not pleased at how quickly the summer passed him by, was immediately driven completely insane by the fact that they didn’t let him in to his room until last Friday. Classes started Monday. He has to have his room ‘decorated’ before classes start, of all things, so he got to spend most of last Saturday spending extra hours at work to get things done because other people didn’t do their jobs.

2. I made a big push last Saturday and got the Room of Doom cleaned out and moved all of GeekBaby’s stuff over. Really, we’ve just moved the mess from one room to another, but I’m hoping being in the back bedroom will help him sleep better. Flycat gave us her husband’s old bunk beds, and Ms. PhD from work gave GeekBaby an old twin mattress that was barely ever used, and we got these awesome sheets on clearance from ThinkGeek. (Sadly they’re all gone now. Glad I bought two sets!) So now all we’re missing is a second mattress for the top bunk and some warm quilts for when it gets cold. No rush on the quilts, it’s going to be 107F here tomorrow! *whimper*

3. One of the big advantages to having a big boy bed is that when GeekBaby tries to ninja into our bed in the middle of the night, I can just take him back and crawl into the bottom bunk to cuddle him back to sleep. He learns he’s got to stay in his bed, I still get to sleep, Himself never wakes up at all. It’s a win-win-win situation! For the moment.

4. Prospero Regained by L. Jagi Lamplighter comes out in just three weeks! I almost can’t stand the suspense. I’m pretty sure I’ve got Miranda’s big secret figured out and need to find out if I’m right. When I hit the two week point, I’ll reread the first two books, just so they’re fresh for the ending.

5. Speaking of books, I picked up Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon at our local, going out of business Borders. (This makes me so sad. Also, buying books at such a heavy discount makes me feel a little like a vulture.) Anyway, the book is fantastic. So fantastic that, on Wednesday evening, instead of finishing my two month update on the Great Chant Experiment, I stayed up till one to finish the book. I highly recommend it, even though I had mixed feelings about the ending.

6. I’m trying, in spite of feeling generally mortified, to focus on my CCE lesson planning. This year I have the Theology track: Sacraments/Liturgy, The Creed, and The Eucharist. It’s an odd mix (I rather think it should just be Sacraments, Liturgy, and The Creed) but I have to work with what I’m given. Sadly, what I’ve been given so far is precisely squat! The CCE coordinator told me they didn’t have any materials ready because of the new Missal translation. Really?? So I’m just making up my own. This is going to be fun. But because they’re lumping Sacraments in with Liturgy, there’s not enough time to do all the stuff on Liturgy that the kids need. I’ll need to do some heavy pruning of anything I can move from this first module into either of the other two in order to cover everything. Ugh.

7. Speaking of the new translation, I’m really excited that it’s almost here. Back when Himself and I were dating, I used to attend Mass in Spanish with him as part of a futile attempt to learn the language. And it didn’t take long to notice that the Order of the Mass in Spanish was really different than English. It really made me mad, in RCIA they would go on and on about how the Mass was the same in every language!! So over ten years of aggravation will finally be soothed this Advent! I’m really excited, and whenever I hear someone whine about it. it makes my smacking hand itch. I need a better lotion.

Thanks as always to our hostess Jen @ Conversion Diary!

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One Response to 7 Quick Takes: Unthemed Edition

  1. Maria says:

    Going out of business in our area, first Books-a-Million and then Borders … our family is grieving:-(

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