7 Quick Takes: Birthday Edition!

1. My baby turned three last Sunday! I keep trying to pinpoint the exact moment he turned into a little boy, and I just can’t do it. It’s such a gradual process… And then you take a picture like this and look at that serious little man and wonder what happened…

2. Then you give him a bowl of frosting, and the little boy is back. Back and hopped up on sugar.

3. Never let it again be said that I never flub my cooking! I tried to make a small chocolate cake for GeekBaby’s actual birthday (his party is tomorrow) and it was a total failure. No one could eat it, it was like a dense, flavorless brownie, and so we picked at the buttercream for a few days, then tossed it.

4. Amazon Prime failed me. I ordered books so GeekBaby could open a couple presents on his real birthday. And Amazon said they’d arrive Saturday. Instead they arrived Monday. I had to wrap up a recently acquired copy of Strega Nona instead as an emergency gift!

5. We put together the big boy bed this week – bunk beds that a friend was gave us months ago. Still need platforms and mattresses and bedding, but it’s a start. Then we had to immediately put the baby gate up in the room’s doorway to keep a certain little boy from sneaking in there to climb the ladder.

6. Bunk beds and quilts. Do I do matching quilts, coordinating quilts, or just whatever suits my fancy? I just don’t know. GeekBaby’s quilt is going to be a windowpane quilt with this fabric through the big panes and plain black with stars through the little panes. It’ll be awesome, but might be hard to make a coordinating one.

7. I love the little soot sprites from Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. I want them as slippers, but all the Miyazaki stuff is so expensive here that I’ll have to make them myself. But they’re now officially on the list of ‘Stuff I Eventually Plan To Make!’

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