Quilt Deadline

I mentioned to Himself earlier this week that I was planning on making a quilt for GeekBaby’s big boy bed and the next time I got coupons, I planned to pick up some of the fabric I needed.

Fast forward to today:

We stopped briefly at the fabric store so I could pick up some jeans thread. And GeekBaby wanted to know if I was getting material for his quilt. This kid is sharp!

Then, while Himself and GeekBaby were waiting in the car for me at Target, GeekBaby told his daddy, “That’s MoMo’s car!”. Himself says no, of course it isn’t. A little later, GeekBaby says, “There’s MoMo!”. And Himself again says no, but then looks. And what do you know, there was MoMo!

Double sharp kid. Its going to be hard getting used to the idea that not only does he understand everything we say, but he’s a Tia ly more observant than we are to boot!

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