7 Quick Takes: Hour of the Wolf Edition

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1. We successfully wrapped up our game Sunday, after a lag of more than a month. The highlight of the game was when the wizard attacked a bat swarm and only managed to set some of the bats on fire. (At this point I informed the party that on attack, the bats had a 10% chance to become entangled in your uncovered hair and set it alight. Hee hee.) The druid felt sorry for the bats and used her animal empathy skill to tell the bats they could douse themselves in the pool in the room behind the party. The bats successfully doused themselves… but they failed their Will save against the pool’s fear trap, and fled in terror towards the entrance.

It was the first time I GMed and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It really improved my grasp of how to keep a story moving together nicely. It was just a module, and so a little lacking in story, but I feel a bit easier about writing my own next time.

2. Sunday we also took home one of the vocations crosses, and have added those prayers to our family Compline. We lucked out and got the very colorful cast resin bas relief crucifix with apostles on the four arms, which fascinates GeekBaby no end. The very first thing he noticed was that Jesus “had a real bad boo boo!” which of course prompted boo boo kisses. (He’s become very interested in categorizing hurts ever since he burned his arm.) Then on Tuesday he informed me the apostles were singing Compline with us. I’m actually starting to worry he won’t want to give it back this Sunday.

3. Speaking of ‘real bad boo boos,’ his arm is almost completely healed! it’s very pale, of course, but that’s unavoidable. The best part is this is no more sponge baths! I resorted to straightjacketing him in a large towel to wash his hair, and everyone concerned ended up damper and angrier than usual. So we’re all glad that’s over.

4. No sooner had I really gotten into the idea of GeekBaby being Sosuke (from Ponyo) for Halloween, than he decided he wanted to be Woody instead. Okay, I can cope with this. It’ll just be a little more work…

I’m totally blaming my sister-in-law, this started when she gave him Woody pajamas for his birthday.

5. I got my Borders fair well email today and teared up. We spent a lot of time there for story time with GeekBaby, and almost always left with a book. Mike and I used to relive the college days by occasionally going there on a ‘date.’ And now it’ll be gone. There’s no other bookstore in the area half as nice, or as easy to visit.

I have to take GeekBaby tomorrow for one last visit to Miss Kim (story time lady, before she got promoted). She was his special friend, he would insist on sitting right up next to her, and now we’ll probably never see her again.

6. I tried out the Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee recipe yesterday. It’s now sitting in my fridge, a recycled milk jug of caffeinated goodness, just waiting for the theoretical sleeping hours to end so I can taste it. Sweet sleep that once again eludes me…

7. Speaking of fretful insomnia, I don’t think there’s a better description for it than the one from Babylon 5 the “hour of the wolf.” I’m too refined to admit to drinking that much vodka, though.

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