7 Quick Takes: Insomnia Edition

Well, I wasn’t going to do these this week, since I flagrantly blew off writing them on Friday in favor of geeking out over the John Carter trailer. But since I can’t sleep, why not? Maybe this help me grab a couple more Z’s. 7 Quick Takes that were actually done on Friday can be read at Conversion Diary.

1. That Mark Shea “can blog with his left hand while writing a book with his right. Heck, sometimes he writes one book with each hand and just lets his beard do the blogging” is one of the greatest, gonzo-est blog pronouncements ever written. Seriously.

2. A friend came over last Sunday for games. He ran a little one-off DnD mod for us, since we couldn’t get the whole group together, and I was literally sick to death of Power Grid. It was a little rough with only two people playing characters, but I did have the satisfaction of watching my paladin one-shot the evil orc shaman. Poor GM!

I stopped feeling sorry for him, though, when it turned out this entire game was just setting up the characters for regicide. I knew he was up to something, but I could never roll high enough to prove it! Now I can’t decide whether I’m annoyed with him and don’t want to play anymore, or whether I’m dying to know what happens next.

3. We decided to have GeekBaby’s party be a Star Wars party. This is purely for my own amusement. Also, this creates a dilemma of how to decorate his cake.

4. While we’re talking about roleplaying games and Star Wars, I really enjoyed Darths & Droids. Perhaps unhealthily so.

5. I’ve come to the conclusion that Virginia Kahl is vastly under appreciated as a picture book author. She wrote one of my favorite holiday books ever, Gunhilde and the Halloween Spell.

GeekBaby is finally old enough for such longer form picture books, and I’m looking forward to reading them to him! I love picture books.

6. Speaking of Halloween… I think we’ve settled on an idea for his costume. It’s rather obscure, but the idea is such a perfect storm of easy, cute, plays to his interest, and tickles mommy’s sense of humor, that it’s hard to resist. It’s geeky, but not at all flashy. And it’s really, really cheap. Like five dollars cheap.

Who knows? He might decide at the last minute to be something else instead. This is the first year he’s really expressed an interest in his costume, I’d like to encourage that. And if that means making a knight costume at the very last minute, so be it.

7. I’ve put together a home liturgical calendar. It started simply enough, with baptism anniversaries and saints days, but I’m far too obsessed with thoroughness to just leave it. I started with Saint Nicholas’s day and finally had to put my mental foot down when I added the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary because I thought the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus looked lonely.

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