Another Baptismal Gown

Clearing out my unposted backlog of embroidery projects, here’s the baptismal gown I made for my college roommate’s baby last December.

Baby boys these days are expected to wear these really hideous little white suit things. The girls get gowns, but they can be incredibly foofy, with sequins and beading and other ridiculous features. (Go on, ask me how I really feel about them…) For my son, I made a pattern designed to be more unisex than the traditional, delicate christening gown.

And so I offered to make my former roommate one with whatever embroidery she wanted. She opted for a simple Celtic cross on the breast. I used Irish handkerchief linen for the dress, and silk floss for the embroidery. This linen flows more nicely than the stiffer fabric I used for my own son.

One of the useful things about this gown, especially in Texas, is how customizable it is for warmth. Baby won’t swelter when it’s hot, and if it’s cold, add a plain white onesie beneath it. I really love the overall design, and I’ve considered making them (blank of course) and selling them on Etsy. But I don’t know that anyone would want them.

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One Response to Another Baptismal Gown

  1. Angela says:

    Please make them! This is similar to what i’ve been looking for!!!

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