Cross Stitched Lorica

I realized during the reorganization that I never posted a picture of my completed Lorica of Saint Patrick that I worked for my goddaughter as a baptism gift. I started it in 2007, and, by a Herculean effort of diligence, had it completed, washed, stretched, and framed by mid 2009. Without further ado…

Gorgeous, isn’t it? See all that red in the border? You’ve gotta stitch it with two strands of red floss and one of crimson blending filament. I had to look all over Houston to find that shade of blending filament. Both tones of gold got the same treatment with gold blending filament, but you can find gold pretty much anywhere. That is a lot of blending filament. It’s an exercise in self mortification, doing that much work with it because it snags something awful. And then there was the beading… It’s not a technically challenging bit of embroidery, but it does require a certain amount of stamina.

The results were completely worth it.

This pattern has two options for a border, and I chose the smaller version. The larger has another thin red border with backstitched knot work between them, and decorative corner caps. One day I will stitch the whole Lorica with the double border in this style as a bell pull. One day… But not soon, I’m afraid.

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