All Fixed Now

Things have been wonky around here. This is because I poked at something in the backend of the blog, and the blog went “HEY!” and promptly fell apart. Some old posts vanished and I had to (painfully) recover them. If you’ve seen strange RSS activity, that’s what happened. At least I didn’t lose anything permanently. I think.

I’ve also been clearing out my drafts folder. Would you believe I had over 100 drafts just floating around? Most, by now, were moot, so I disposed of them.

And since I’ve spent the last ten days or so fixing and cleaning, why not make it better, faster, stronger? Or, barring that, at least a new theme?

One of my casualties seems to have been my header. I’ll have to come up with a new one. Also a tagline. And apparently I need to do actual backups more frequently. At least before I poke anything.

Anyhow, disaster is over. Carry on.

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