Catechesis and the Domestic Church

I read Melanie’s three guest posts at Barefoot and Pregnant on the catechesis of young children with great interest (which, despite her protests, weren’t long enough!) We were on vacation, and with long stretches in the car I had plenty of time to think. It’s not just about GeekBaby, we have three godchildren as well.

The greatest impact of her essays was the reminder that my son is not mine, but God’s, and that my task is not to teach him how to pray, so much as to pray with him. It was like being doused with cold water. On one hand, I was doing it very, very wrong. And on the other, I was doing just fine. And on my imaginary third hand, all my vague ideas about how to more fully realize our family devotional life took on sudden, crucial importance.

But part three, which contained her practical advice, was the best, most useful part for me. I didn’t grow up in a religious household at all, and while my husband’s family is practicing Catholic, their family devotional life was limited and existed mostly in response to death. Melanie wrote clearly of what I was only vaguely aware: catechesis is the natural result of the lived domestic church.

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