7 Quick Takes: Crafty Edition

1. My nativity set consists of a plush camel, elephant, and two sheep. It has long been my ambition to find additional animal plushes and make needle sculpted dolls of Mary, Joseph, the Christ child, shepherds, angels and Magi. It sounded so perfect, a nativity set that wasn’t just child proof, but positively invited play. Normally I wouldn’t think of working on any of this till, oh say December 12th. This year I shall get a head start on the procrastination!

2. Speaking of Advent, check out these Saint Nicholas cookie cutters! Aren’t they wonderful? I found them too late last year for them to be useful, but I going to get one this year. I just can’t decide which.

3. Today GeekBaby informed me he couldn’t sleep unless he had a tent and an air mattress! Then he told me “Christmas is coming.” !!! Then he segued into telling his auntie that “Winter is coming”. That gave me quite a start, because I’m not a terrible fan of Martin. As the books go on, reading them feels more and more like slowing down on the highway to boggle at an accident. Chalk a point up for nature over nurture, I guess. GeekBaby is living up to his heritage.

4. We’ve been singing Compline for a week now. I love it, but the notation drives me crazy with frustration.

5. The Fourth of July Gaming Weekend looms. Every 4th we descend, somewhat like locusts, upon College Station (and Mad Mo) for a weekend of playing board games and yakking for hours. Plus Mo and I usually manage to slip off together for an hour to discuss fibers and such crafty topics. I’m hoping she’ll have some good input on my nativity doll ideas. It’s always hard to find time to go see our friends, and this is the one time a year our visit is absolutely set in stone.

[UPDATE]. GeekBaby contrived to get sick Over the last couple days, so we aren’t going. I’m seething in not so quiet disappointment over here. No games, no friends, no Freebirds, and a snot faucet of a toddler instead.

6. I have gotten both my husband and my father hooked on Drive. If you aren’t hooked on it, you should be. Only with increased hookage will Dave Kellett maybe update it more, or at the very least, start updating it on time!

7. This morning, while I’m busy getting oatmeal ready and we’re generally getting ready for Mass, GeekBaby is playing with his big garbage truck and, wonder of wonders, being generally good. Then suddenly… Fire! Murder! Witchcraft! He comes tearing into the kitchen crying and babbling incoherently. I thought he’d hurt himself with his truck, but couldn’t find any hurt on him. After a few minutes he calmed down enough to sob out, “There’s a BUG!”. So Mike walks over to his toys, and there was a dead spider, still twitching, lying on the ground by his truck! Eek!

That’s it for us this week. Head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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