7 Quick Takes: I Wasn’t Paying Attention Edition

Jennifer of Conversion Diary has had her baby! Pamela Scholastica, what a name! Hurray!
Since she’s obviously preoccupied, today we’re hosted by Betty Beguiles

1. We’re almost recovered from our vacation. The rest of my posts on hiking with toddlers are forthcoming. For now, enjoy this picture of the handsomest little boy in the world!

It’s hard to believe he’s not quite three!

That’s more like it!

2. The Wee Cowgirl came on Monday and spent the night while her mommy was in the ER again. Either I’ve forgotten how much work an infant is, or bottle-feeding doubles the perceived work load. GeekBaby is always glad to see her, and sad when she goes home, but for the first time this visit he also acted jealous of the attention she received. …Great.
Sadly, her mommy seems to have reached the “you’re only coming for drugs” ER threshold. Keep her in your prayers, for she surely needs them.

3. I asked GeekBaby whether he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister after Wee Cowgirl went home. On previous occasions, he declared for a sister, but this time he said he wanted a baby brother and I could have the sister. I told him already had a baby sister, but he disagrees.
I need to go and have twins, just to learn him. Sadly, I’m not at much risk for having even one baby, much less twins.

4. I’ve been pondering the home as the domestic church lately, and Roma locuta est accidentally put a bee in my bonnet about singing the Divine Office. It never occurred to me that one could chant the hours in English! I was so excited I could hardly stand it, and as soon as I could, sought out my copy of Christian Prayer to check out those simple tones. But this adventure is a post in and of itself, so I’ll leave it at that. For now.

5. I almost overflowed the bathtub on Wednesday night. It was less than an inch from running over. GeekBaby was sitting in water up to his shoulders! He was quite pleased with events. I was just happy the water didn’t actually overflow. I have no excuse, I was sitting right there next to the tub, playing on my iPad. I am full of nerdy shame.

6. My baby is almost three! He’ll be three in one month. He’s so big, and strong, and plays with so many older kids that I forget that he’s not well past three and moving on four. I worry that I expect too much from him because I forget he’s not really so very old. I wish he had siblings, and not just god-sibs. We seem to need to make do with a dog instead. We might be getting one tomorrow. We’ll see.

7. Speaking of godchildren, I’ll be much more comfortable when we can get the Wee Cowgirl good and baptized. I’ve been tempted to play the bathtub game these last couple of visits. Maybe we can work something out where can I record the baptism class so her mom can take the class without having to be not in the hospital on those specific Mondays. The level of red tape between having a baby and getting your baby baptized is really terrible. One of these days I’ll tell my horror story of trying to get GeekBaby baptized.

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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes: I Wasn’t Paying Attention Edition

  1. Enbrethiliel says:


    He is a handsome little boy. =)

    As for red tape in all its forms, I can’t stand it. So although all the pastors I’ve ever had seem to have borrowed their approach to baptism from the generous St. Francis Xavier, I know exactly what you mean by being tempted “to play the bathtub game.”

    Which now reminds me of the time a dear friend of mine–an atheist who had real affection for me and understood what Faith is to me–offered to let me “baptise” her in the bathroom of our hostel because she thought it would make me happy. And now I’m surrounded by lapsed Catholic friends who would never indulge me so. Friendship is so tricky.

    • GeekLady says:

      Wow, that is a friend! I would have muffed that up with a bad baptism of desire joke.

      The baptism situation is especially frustrating because parishes and dioceses can make big stinks about how they’re being “pastoral”, but when we had an actual pastoral need, their policies were completely inflexible.

      This is a different parish, but I’m a little afraid of similar shenanigans with rigid scheduling.

      • enbrethiliel says:


        I think I muffed it up, anyway. =/ I told her that it wouldn’t be valid, anyway, and that I didn’t want her to do it unless she really believed it in.

        The whole context of that offer was a conversation we were having about car accidents. She had recently been in one and injured her back and leg, and we were both impressed at the presence of mind of a girl who had been in the same car and emerged totally uninjured. She had had first aid training and certainly lived up to it!

        Anyway, I told my friend, “If that had been me, I think the first thing I would have done for you was empty my water bottle on your head and baptise you–because you never know . . .”

        But I think that was enough to touch her as much as she touched me. Yeah, she was some friend! I really miss her now.

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