7 Quick Takes: Pre-Vacation Edition

1. I’m currently all muddled up preparing for our camping trip, which is currently looming ominously over my mother and myself. The menfolk are oblivious to any looming, and GeekBaby is whining about how he wants to go camping and having difficulty with the concept of two weeks ten days. Is it really only ten days away? Eek!

We went to REI last Saturday and came away with daypacks and hydration bladders for all and sundry. Even GeekBaby has his own wee backpack and water tank. He is extremely pleased with himself, and even more pleased with the emergency whistle on the sternum strap. If we were on the wall about getting him a pack, we had to buy it after he filled the whistle with slobber!

I know he’s little for hiking, but he’s just too physically strong to carry in the backpack anymore. He can knock me over if he can brace himself (this is a favorite activity of his during Mass!) and on a trail it could be disastrous. So he’s gonna have to walk. He’s used to it with me, but grandparents that won’t pick him up will be a new and unpleasant experience. N.B. – bring earplugs v. whining.

2. Speaking of whining, my dad put GeekBaby in one of the boats at REI. This was a mistake. My child wants one of those boats. He is adamant, and considers his argument “we need a boat to cross the river” to be ironclad and irrefutable. I told him he had to learn to swim before we took a boat trip (good mommy judo!)… and that when he learned to swim, we would take a white water rafting trip (bad mommy judo!)

3. I have so much to do before we leave! I have to attach a tether to GeekBaby’s pack, in case he’s inclined to run off on his own. I have to rig a way to attach his pack on top of mine for when he gets tired of carrying it. I know he will, even though I’m going to make sure it’s appropriately lightweight. There’s a pair of pj pants I need to make for my mother, and frankly I could do with a new pair myself. And maybe a couple dog bone pillows instead of lugging along big bed pillows. There’s housework to do, and I’d like to stick a lasagna in the freezer for when we get home. I have to finish stocking my first aid kit. I have to find squeezy tubes to carry peanut butter! Augh!

4. My new daypack is very small. Also, yes, it’s pink. I know this damages my anti-girly cred, but the pink was just prettier than the blue. Yes, it’s only 9L. But there is method to my madness, I promise! One, empty space begs me to fill it, so a small pack will prevent me overpacking. Two, it hugs my center of mass and hopefully won’t unbalance me while I’m wrangling wild toddler. Three, I’ll probably end up carrying GeekBaby and/or his pack on my shoulders. Four, I can fit my rain jacket on over the pack, thus negating any need for a rain cover. Five, it’s small and light enough that I don’t need a hip belt, which means I can make a pack work when it’s technically too short for my torso. Six, it was on sale. Seven, it was pretty and I liked it best, so there!

5. I’m stressing out about Mass arrangements for the trip. It always seems to make for an awkward argument with my dad. Pray for me.

6. This is completely unrelated to hiking: GeekBaby and I are addicted to My Neighbor Totoro. I just love the music, especially the opening theme about going for a walk. GeekBaby was a little scared of Totoro at first, but now he’s (it’s?) all he’ll talk about.

7. Also unrelated to hiking: finally I had an immunohistochemistry experiment work! Gorgeous photos of cardiomyocytes with rich blacks and bright greens where you can actually see the striations of the myocyte and blue nuclei that don’t shade into aquas but are distinct from the green alpha actinin… They’re just gorgeous.

Of course things get good right before we leave on vacation. Bet it doesn’t work when I get back.

Bonus take: shaking your iPad to undo typing just doesn’t work. It feels like it could fly out of my hand at any minute.

As always, thanks to our lovely host, Jen @ Conversion Diary!

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9 Responses to 7 Quick Takes: Pre-Vacation Edition

  1. Enbrethiliel says:


    Thanks for your comment. I made edits and hope they meet your approval. =P

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, don’t be cranky with me. I can’t help being awkward everywhere I go, and I couldn’t think of anything else to say that didn’t sound even worse.

      • Enbrethiliel says:


        Now I’m curious. What else did you think to say???

        And don’t worry about making my cranky (which isn’t your fault, anyway). Now that we’ve broken the ice, it’s kind of funny.

        • GeekLady says:

          Oh, it wasnt BAD, but talking to me is a bit like reading Wikipedia. You get a huge info dump with no real references and you get hopped from topic to topic at a disorienting speed.

          I started giving a mini Bio of O’Brien and why this related to Jeremy’s crow-dom. Then I decided it was just too much, and backed off but couldn’t think of any appropriate social contextual phrasing and went with what I had.

  2. Enbrethiliel says:


    PS–Maybe Geekbaby will forget about the promised white water rafting trip in a few weeks!

    • GeekLady says:

      I would mind a white water trip actually, so I don’t mind if he holds me to it. But it’s general bad mommy judo form to actually promise something, even if it’s contingent. Ah well.

      • Enbrethiliel says:


        It wasn’t too bad a move, considering you weren’t really prepared for it.

        If it had happened to me after reading this, I probably would have said, “But it’s more fun to use your tools to chop down a tree and build your own boat to cross the river when you’re actually there!” =P And then I’d pray that he won’t insist on crossing every river we see.

        (Now that I think about it, my own mother wasn’t into your brand of judo. She’d say, “NO! BECAUSE I SAID SO!” and then ignore my sniveling all the way home. =/)

        • GeekLady says:

          I should write up my rules of mommy judo, it’d be pretty funny.

          I don’t like using ‘because I said so’ on principle, so I normally let him drill down with whys and give the best answer I can to each question.

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