The Storm King Fairytale

Well, I’ve given it a week, and this fairytale origin of the Storm King just doesn’t work for me. It feels out of chronological sync with the rest of the story. Maybe I’m misdating the Storm King, but I’ve always associated him with Louis XIV and late 1600s. But a fairytale-esque story like this points to a much earlier period, maybe before the turn of the century. Fairytales may have been first written down in the early 1800s, but they’re really far older. They were not the sort of thing that suddenly grew up around a king from a mere 200 years ago. Operas might, but not fairytales. It just does

On the story side, the tale the Baron tells parallels neatly with his own situation. He’s telling a story that will deliberately associate Gil with the Storm King when Gil goes down the path of events Klaus has already determined needs to occur. He’s going to force Gil to kill him, because he’s been wasped. Well, he’s going to try to force Gil down that path. Gil, having other important information, is not going to be willing to do it.

I hope they don’t kill Klaus off, I’m rather fond of him, paranoid tendencies and all.

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